4 Pinterest Strategies That Triple My Blog Traffic!

4 Pinterest Strategies That Triple My Blog Traffic!

4 Pinterest Strategies That Triple My Blog Traffic!


 I know some of you are like me, you’ve spent time researching the best way to use Pinterest to grow your business, No doubt you’ve seen multiple blog posts about this subject. So, today I am writing 5 Pinterest Strategies That Tripled Blog Traffic!


10 Minute Pinterest Strategy

Try this method 10 Minute Pinterest Strategy for a minimum of 60 days.

This should be enough time to see if it’s working for you.

Your followers should start to grow daily and your views go up dramatically.

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This is so simple. It might be so simple you might already be doing it!

But if you’re not and you’re still searching for a Pinterest strategy to help grow your business that won’t take up so much time, then this is it!

  1. The first step … Scheduling your own pins. These are pins from your own blog posts or of your shop products.

Schedule any current blog posts, new product pins or older content that hasn’t been re-pinned for a while. Schedule all your pins to your own relevant boards and all relevant group boards.

That will account for about 8-10 pins per day.

2. Second step…You need to find another 28-30 ish pins to fill in the rest of your day’s schedule.

Do that by clicking on the ‘following’ tab in the top menu bar. Scroll down, allowing all the pins to load until you reach the red button that says ‘find more people to follow’.

TThis step Is necessary if you are using Tailwind.

The scroll through and pin the best pins that suit your audience.

Pinning by 5 or 6 pins which will help fill in the next day’s schedule.


So say you don’t use a scheduler like Tailwind.


Your ‘following’ feed is also a great place to find relevant pins whether you use a scheduler or not.

Since Pinterest rolled out the simplified pinning button, it takes much less time to re-pin things.

Scroll through your feed, pinning as you go.

Work through the whole feed you should get a good 30-35 pins.

                                                                       TIP: on the downside to a manual pinning strategy is that you can’t take advantage of optimal pinning times throughout the day.

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As long as you are following people within your niche with great pins and content, your ‘following’ feed will contain great pins and content to repin.

3. Unfollow 3-5 pinners a day

If the content doesn’t suit your audience or the pins are visually unappealing.

4. Click on the find more people to follow’ button at the bottom of the following feed page.

This will take you to a page of suggested pinners tailored to your niche.

Find 3-5 new people to follow who pin high-quality pins that will appeal to your audience.

Do this for the first week of starting this strategy. you will have a well-curated feed of high-quality content to re-pin from.

I hope you find this strategy useful in your Pinterest routine.

Comment below if you try this and see a difference in your Pinterest. I would love to hear from you.


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