5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog


5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Most People Say That Getting Traffic To They’re Blog Is One Of The Hardest Thing About Blogging

So I did some research and came up with these five websites that will help you draw traffic in your niche to your blog!

Stumbleupon is a search engine that finds and then recommends content to its readers.

It is a great place to get lots of traffic to your blog or website.

You can be up and running in 3 steps once you have joined.

  1. Complete your bio information
  2. Select the topics you are interested in.
  3. Upload profile photo of yourself

Once you have done this then you can start on your StumbleUpon journey.

I would recommend before you submit your own blog links you should start by stumbling other people’s content first.

You start to stumble by clicking on the red button at the top of the page and then you can click on the “thumbs up” if you enjoyed the article.

Quora is basically a huge question and answer site.

You will find people asking questions related to your niece or topic.


Type in the search bar – work from home.

look at all the questions people are asking about working from home, earning online, etc

Next, respond to the question and if there’s a good place for me to put in a link to my blog, I’ll do that.

Also, have a link to your blog in my Bio.

Over time as you build up a profile you will get people asking you questions and this shows up in your answer box at the top.


Linkedin is the world’s biggest professional network with hundreds of millions of members.

It is a site to connect with other professionals and helps you stay in contact with millions of users.

It is free to join and again really simple to set up.

Once you have done your blog post don’t just click the LinkedIn share button on your site.

You can actually go and write content on LinkedIn.

Lots of businesses and bloggers do this…..


It is basically a large forum where you submit content to the site such as articles, links, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Reddit has subreddits on every single topic, whether it’s marketing, food, branding, etc

There is a section on Reddit pretty much for every industry out there.

You should participate in the community on Reddit and not continually keep submitting your own content.

You can upvote and downvote at the same time.

Upvote the content you love and downvote the content you either disagree with or simply don’t like.

This is another great way to generate more traffic to your blog.


CommentLuv is a plugin that incentivizes good comments with followed links.

What you want to do is go to these blogs, look at their posts and leave comments.

Leave comments providing insights and or something relevant to the article.

With most blogs, when you leave a comment, it will ask you for your name and URL.

When you share your name and URL, people can click on your name and then they go back to your website.

But make sure when you’re leaving comments, you are not spamming.

I found a great article over at Click Minded which shows over 1000 blogs with this plugin activated.

These are guaranteed ways to grow your blog with the right traffic

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