6 Undeniable Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers Fast!




6 Undeniable Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers Fast!

  1. Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers.

Fast easy tips that will immediately grow your Pinterest Account.

Pin Other People’s Pins To Gain More Pinterest Followers.

If all you share is your own content you are doing Pinterest WRONG!

By sharing quality pins with high repin numbers it will help you build your own reputation.

Tip: “Share 1 pin from my site for every 8 pins found from other sources.”

Check Your Links to make sure it leads to your Content.

See What is Being Repinned from your Pinterest page, Then you can determine which pins are getting more action than others.

Then you can use those pins, and create future pins that are similar,

This will attract more followers.

2. Get on Group Boards!

You Pin to group boards. Pin your content, but also pin content with a high number of repins.

Action is what we want. Join my group board: Connect and Share Promote Each Other for Success. Just follow me / send me a message to add you.


3. Have A great Pin Description

When your pin does get repinned that pin is seen by that person’s audience.

Entice every eye that sees your pin every time.


             Tip:  Pin description is the 2nd most important part of a pin


4. Add SEO

Use the  ‘alt description’  when making a blog post, this will become your pin description once saved to Pinterest.

Pinterest functions just like Google and you want Pinterest to pull up your pin every chance it gets.

Hashtags have been said to affect Pinterest analytics, try for yourself, I found them to be quite successful.


5. Create Great Boards

Make your boards visible and eye-catching.

Pin Valuable Content That Interests You, but also Benefit Your Followers

Tip: You can use your Tailwind Publisher on Pinterest. Simply click the extension when you are on a pinterest board you like.

when you want to mass schedule pins and not think about sharing every single hour.

Once a pin is queued, you can edit the description, edit the time, even add it to more boards or update the URL.

Don’t forget to make sure that the pin links to the right page or product.


6. Keep Pinning

I no it gets boring but really doing these steps will get you more followers and the more followers you get the more your pins are seen which equals more traffic to your blog or products. Don’t give up, Imagine where you will be six months from now.


I hope these steps and tips work out for you like they have me. For more post like this follow Job Kartel

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