Can Facebook Bring Traffic To My Blog?

Can Facebook Bring Traffic To My Blog?


Can Facebook Bring Traffic To My Blog?

I get a lot of question on how I use Facebook to drive traffic to my blog.

Every week there is an email asking Can Facebook Bring Traffic To My Blog?

So today this post is going to tell you just how I drive traffic to my blog with Facebook

If you don’t already have a blog then read this post on How To Start A Blog On  Budget.

If you don’t know what Facebook is then either you been living under a rock or you’re just don’t do social media.

And if you’re going to be a great blogger who makes money from it your going to have to use social media.

You can make a Facebook page add a few family and friends and leave it at that.

Then search for Facebook groups in your niche.

Now don’t go crazy just joining any facebook group.

Make sure to check out how many posts per day are posted in the group and how many members there are in the group.

I say this because I have joined groups on Facebook and they were inactive and somewhere saturated with spam post.

And you don’t want to join those type of groups no one will ever see your post.

Also when you join groups and a few have rules, you can’t just post all willy nilly, they will delete your post.

There are however groups that just let you post anytime so if you don’t want to participate in Follow for following Tuesday and Free Style Blog Post-Friday, then I suggest you join the groups that let you post at any time.

Here is my strategy of how I use Facebook to drive traffic to my blog.

  • Create A Fan Page For Your Blog
  • Connect The Page To Your Blog ( so it share it to the page when you publish a blog post)
  • Share The Fan Page Post With Your Groups

Also, switch up the Facebook Groups each month

Follow 15 -20 groups each month

unfollow them at the end of the month

And follow 15-20 new groups

Now you can make exceptions if a few of the groups are working for you.

The unfollow the ones that you are not seeing any response from when you post.

Also, don’t just post your blog post in groups.

Go through groups feed pages and see what others are posting.

Some people ask questions, and I answer them by pointing them to a blog post that is relevant to the question asked.

Now I know that you may be saying I don’t have time to search Facebook for these groups, or which groups should I join.

Here is 10 Facebook Groups to Join to get you started.

Babes Making Money
Share Your Blog Biz + Tips and Tricks
Blogging Like You Mean It
Rock Your Blog Biz
Make Your Blog Beautiful
Mom to Mompreneur
Becoming a Blogger
Connect & Cultivate with ivory Mix
Boss Moms
Turbo Blogging and Business



I also have a challenge for you to help you get your incoming traffic a boost…

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Can I start seeing more traffic & income soon? 

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