Do followers matter on Pinterest? How can I get more?



Do followers matter on Pinterest? How can I get more?

Did you hear all about how other bloggers use Pinterest to grow their blogs and get more traffic, but you can’t seem to figure out how to do it for your own blog?

Get a copy of my ebook and learn about the strategies I used to grow my account to 10k followers & get thousands of page views from Pinterest each month!

That’s How I grew Job Kartel

It’s time to make Pinterest possible for you too!


  • How will  I get blog traffic and readers from Pinterest?
  • When do I optimize my Pinterest account and boards for SEO?
  • How do I create pin graphics that stand out?
  • What should I pin, how much and where?
  • Can I create a kick-ass pinning schedule?
  • How do I find, join and participate in group boards?
  • What are the benefits of manual pinning vs scheduling pins?
  • How do you use Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes to automate and grow?
  • How can I track my progress and interpret my Pinterest analytics?
  • Do followers matter on Pinterest? How can I get more?




“If you’re new to Pinterest, or if you’re like me, who’s tried so many different strategies yet nothing’s working, I highly recommend this ebook.

To my surprise, Making Pinterest Possible is packed, and I mean JAM PACKED, with a lot of valuable information.

Even for someone like me who has been using Pinterest for a while got valuable lessons out of it!

After reading Ana’s ebook and implementing her strategies from mid-May onwards, my traffic picked up.


Pinterest Ebook

 My page views from June to July increased by almost 150% whereas my sessions increased by 158%!

This ebook also helped me get accepted to Mediavine and increased my ad revenue by over 300% to the point where I’m earning between $40 to $70 per day from ads alone!

Overall, Ana does make Pinterest VERY possible! I highly recommend her book if you are new to Pinterest and/or not seeing any results in your Pinterest traffic.”

– Ling from Fin Savvy Panda


This eBook is perfect for beginners and intermediate Pinterest users.

A must read for anyone looking to enhance their Pinterest game.

Ana backs up every step with proof, screenshots, and instructions, which makes it quick to follow through and understand.

Pinterest Ana’s book doubles up as a guide and a positive reinforcement for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who struggle with Pinterest.

With plenty of examples and actionable instructions after each chapter, implementation becomes easy.

As a person who’s already familiar with Pinterest, I still found quite a few handy tips that I was not aware of.

Case Studies proved to be extremely useful because it includes women of different business backgrounds with the same goal – to increase their Pinterest reach!

And that’s exactly what I did by following Ana’s strategies.”

– Angela from Stray Curls


“This is the most thorough eBook about Pinterest I have ever read, and I love the fact that Ana sends an updated version of it (for free) every time Pinterest changes something.

I was stuck at 15,000 views for months, and with the suggestions in this eBook, I finally grew to 49,000 monthly views!

This is my highest number of viewers in the 2 years I have been blogging, and this was only pinning manually based on the strategies thought by Ana!

This eBook is NOT just for beginners, but for anyone who wants to increase Pinterest traffic significantly.”

– Christina from The Blog for Teachers, Readers & Life

Make Money Blogging

Add a heading (5)

So you have started your blog. And you have heard or maybe even read somewhere you can make money blogging. And you want to give it a try. Well, you’re in the right place. In this post, I tell you how you can make money blogging just like I do.

If you haven’t started your blog yet. Check out this post on how to start a blog on a budget.

I have been blogging for about five years. I use to blog about celebrity gossip. I started this blog because I wanted to help others and help my self.

I am learning and sharing what I learn with you so you can make money online also.

And if you put in the hard work you can quit the 9-5 and spend more time with my family & start building a lifestyle you are happy with.

I made a lot of mistakes when I first started blogging. But once I knew what I was doing, it was uphill from there.

Never Give Up

Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

People all way say find a profitable niche. And this is true, but you must also blog about something that interests you, or something your passionate about. Otherwise, you will get bored and move on to the next thing.

So ask yourself, what are you passionate about?

What are you Interested in?

You could learn the niche your interested in and then blog about.

Learn while your blogging.

Or you could be great at a certain thing, and blog about it.

Get you a pen and a notebook and write down a few ideas.

Run them across your friends.

Ask for suggestions from your Facebook friends.

Then pick one Niche and create a post on it.

So What Will You Need to Make Money Blogging

  1. A Blog
  2. Create Great Content
  3. Build Up Your Audience — I use Pinterest See this post on how to make money with Pinterest and your blog.

Promote your blog

No matter how great your articles are no one is going to know about them unless you take time to promote your blog.

Check Out This E-Book On growing your blog traffic.

I use Pinterest like I said before, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups and Pinterest will be your best friend when blogging.

Here is another blog post about using Pinterest.

Here is A E-Book To Help You With Growing Your Pinterest Following



I know when people see SEO, the get a small headache.

However, after learning SEO and what it is and what it does for your blog, you will feel a little better about SEO.

Don’t get me wrong me and SEO hat a love-hate relationship, but after I started understanding SEO then it was a piece of cake.

Here is a post to help you wrap your head around SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a beast at monetizing your blog.

Here are a few E-Books To Help You Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Bundle

Affiliate Programs Masterlist

Free Affiliate Course + Funnel

If you really have no clue where to start with Affiliate Marketing I suggest reading these e-books.



Cost per click advertising (CPC) are ads that can be displayed on your website that you will be paid for every time someone clicks them.

If your blog brings in high traffic levels then displaying Google adverts can be a quick and easy way to make steady revenue. If your blog is good at keeping your users on the pages then these types of ads can work well for driving high conversions, especially with in-post ads.

The big advantage of using a Google Adsense is that it takes just minutes to set up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to implement it within your blog.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is one way in which to make money from advertisers. With this type of arrangement, you may be asked to publish a post that is provided by the advertiser or they may ask you to write a post that mentions them or their product – depending on your following you can expect to receive between $50 and $500 for a sponsored article.

eBooks & online Training Courses

As I mentioned earlier if you looking at offering consulting or training services then it might be worth packaging your materials together into an online course. By offering MP3 or video downloads your students can follow along at their own pace. This is a very popular blog monetization strategy, especially within the online marketing space.

I recommend these E-Books On E-Books.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp Course

Write That Ebook FREE Workshop Series

I hope this post helps you with your journey as a blogger.

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Increase your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

Increase Your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

Increase your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

I have been following this blended pinning strategy for over a month now.

And have seen my blog traffic skyrocket substantially.

From about 7,000 page views per month to over 30,000 page views in a single month.

Here is an overview of how I use both a manual pinning strategy + Tailwind to increase blog traffic every single month:


Login to Tailwind >> Publisher >> Your Schedule.

Create a pinning schedule of anywhere from 30-150 pins per day.

(depending on how many pins you have, boards you contribute to, etc – DON’T SPAM!)


Tailwind >> Publisher >> Board Lists.                                                        How to make money on Pinterest

Organize your group boards and personal boards by category to make pinning easier.


Login to Google Analytics >> Acquisition >> Social >> Network Referrals >> .

Pinterest to see your top viewed posts/pages and the associated pins that bring you traffic.


Use the information from step three about your top posts/pins to schedule new copies of your original pins using the Tailwind Extension for Google Chrome.


After scheduling your top pins from your tops posts, go back to Tailwind >> Scheduled Pins and shuffle your pins.

Doing this once a month accounts for the majority of my pinning on a daily basis.


To support Tailwind, (and to engage on Pinterest), manually pin 2-4 times per day for 30-60 mins (Using Pinteresting Strategies) but ONLY pin to YOUR PERSONAL BOARDS to avoid spamming group boards.

I found that just pinning to my personal boards when manually pinning cuts down.

THow to make money on Pinteresthe time spent doing so because you no longer have to monitor what boards you are pinning to.

After reading the eBook Pinteresting Strategies and learning + implementing the Pinterest SEO tips that are crucial to your success, I began to see booming results from Tailwind.

Seriously, do not hesitate to purchase Pinteresting Strategies if you want to increase your blog traffic quickly.


Happy Pinning!

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Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Note: This post contains affiliate links to products I trust.

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways for bloggers to drive traffic to their websites.

You can tap into the power of Pinterest and start using it to produce an income.

The Fastest Way to Earn Money on Pinterest Or blogging is Through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate links on Pinterest we’re a no-no at one time.

As a result of the changes that Pinterest has made,

Bloggers can now earn income online.

How exactly do you do it?

For  instance, The simple answer is to do this:

  1. Sign-up to be an affiliate for products and services you love to use
  2. Create a beautiful pin in Canva or PicMonkey
  3. Start pinning to your Pinterest boards

However you still must be careful when posting an affiliate link on Pinterest, you don’t want to be marked as spam and have your link blocked.


After that, you will need to learn a little knowledge about Affiliate MArketing and Pinterest If you don’t already know.

In addition, you might just be trying to freshen up your skills.

To sum it up In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why learning is important to mastering skills.



Reaching you the foundational strategies that lack from free content out there, to helping you make affiliate sales in your sleep (literally!), this training is an invaluable resource for bloggers who are struggling to make their first affiliate sale or who are stuck at under $1000 in earnings and want to grow their income.


  • Wake up in the morning, check your phone and see that you’ve made affiliate sales in your sleep?
  • To be able to cover your blogging expenses and to afford to invest more in the growth of your blog?
  • Make a profit blogging so that you’re actually getting paid for the hours of hard work you put into it?
  • Bring in an extra income in your household so that you can finally afford that one small luxury you’ve always wanted?
  •  Get paid for talking about products and brands that you truly love and that your readers actually need?
  • All your questions about affiliate marketing answered and feel confident to try it on your blog?
  • A clear affiliate marketing strategy and know exactly what to do to promote affiliate offers?


Moreover, Here is The List OF Ways to  Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs


“The She Approach To Making Your First Affiliate Sale” – Ebook

This 50+ pages ebook is an introduction to the world of affiliate marketing that includes everything a beginner should know, starting with affiliate practices that you should avoid and cover things such as common affiliate marketing terms, advice on how to find and pick the right affiliate programs for you, tips on where to insert your affiliate links & drive traffic to them, the legal implications of affiliate marketing and so much more!

Affiliate Programs For Bloggers


The Affiliate Programs Masterlist

This document is a collection of 500+ handpicked affiliate programs, carefully categorized by niche, that will help you find the right affiliate programs for your blog.


Quick Video Tutorials

This short library of video tutorials is for those of you who are just starting out and want to get a step-by-step approach to navigating your affiliate dashboard, finding your affiliate links and inserting them on blogs.

Tutorials from platforms such as Amazon Associates, AWIN, Share A Sale & SendOwl are already included + there are more to come.

Affiliate Marketing Case Studies 

Want to know how real bloggers use affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs? Now you can! At the moment you get a full breakdown:

  • How I made $1000 by promoting a $25 product
  • How I made $2500 (in one week) with a small email list



It’s important to choose affiliate marketing programs that are relevant to the niche of your website or blog. Apply to join programs representing products your target audience will like.


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How to make money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

You were probably searching for how to get paid using Pinterest or how to make money on Pinterest,

And Boom! You’re Here!

I know what you’re thinking Can you really make money on Pinterest?

You are for being skeptical? …Because I was too.

This side hustle doesn’t require any experience at all.

There are two popular ways to make money on Pinterest.

One way is to start a blog and the other doesn’t require a blog.

Either case, Like I said before you DON’T need any experience to start!

1. Start a blog for really cheap

I highly recommend starting a self-hosted blog before you learn how to make money on Pinterest.

I started my blog with with a business account… No, it’s not free

I know you might be thinking of starting a blog for free on but you don’t want to do that. You can get the benefits of a paid site with a free site. You will thank me later for this tip.

Also, no one will take you seriously.

On top of that, applying to ad networks and affiliate programs will be extremely tough. So believe me, you will want to start your blog the correct way by following my easy step-by-step tutorial here. You will thank yourself for doing this!

2. Relevant and helpful content.How to make money on Pinterest

Now that you’ve started a blog, write 5-10 relevant and helpful posts related to your niche that will solve your readers’ problems.

Figure out who your target audience is.

Choose something you enjoy talking about.

Don’t choose a niche just because you think it will make money. Sure, it may work out, but can you really don’t want to work on something you don’t have a genuine interest in?

This chart will help you determine what you can write about while solving your reader’s problems.

  • – Passion:

I know this is tough to answer, so this free personality test is amazing and can help you figure it out as long as you answer truthfully!

  • – Skills:

What are you good at? What do you usually get compliments on?

  • – Market demand:

What are people searching A LOT for on Google and Pinterest? I recommend using Google Keyword Search for some guidance. Billions of people out there want answers and solutions to their problems!

Remember that readers need your help with something.

3. Set up a Pinterest account

Start by signing up for a business Pinterest account. This is 100% free to sign up for and use.

optimized your bio profile, boards, and pins by sprinkling relevant keywords throughout your profile.

Follow the instructions here to claim your website on Pinterest.

4. Create Pinterest boards and pins.

Now you can start creating boards and making pins for your Pinterest account. I recommend using Canva to make pins when you’re a beginner.

5. Join group boards and make new personal boards every month.

I still recommend joining group boards that are relevant to your niche,  If you want a detailed guide (from the beginning to end) on how to use Pinterest (so that you can start making money), I highly recommend this Here a E-Book that can expand your knowledge with Pinterest and Pinterest Boards.

Focus on making new personal boards while joining some high-quality group boards.

So so far we have

How to make money on PinterestHow to make money on Pinterest– wrote 5-10 epic blog articles related to your niche that is inspiring and/or solves a problem.

– signed up for a Pinterest business account and verified your domain.

– created eye-catching pins with clickable images and titles.

– joined a minimum of 10 group boards and made 10 personal boards related to your niche.

– optimized your bio profile, boards, and pins by sprinkling relevant keywords throughout.

After having your blog and Pinterest account set up!

6.Drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest traffic will be your new BFF! When you have a new blog or website, I recommend focusing your efforts on Pinterest! It’s definitely a lot easier to get traffic from Pinterest than Google.

When Pinterest is used correctly and consistently, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and make money through display advertising.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money with ads, and if your Adwords is another way to make money with ads.

I also recommend this Ebook to grow your blog traffic

7. Make money on Pinterest with affiliate links

On top of making money with Adsense or Adwords, you can also make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing.

You get paid by providing value and/or solving someone’s problem through a product or service.

If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, check out this  post here

Also this Marketing Bundle ANd The Affiliate Master List

As mentioned above, you can also create pins with Canva and use affiliate marketing to sell other people’s products and services that will benefit your target audience.

Like always I hope this post was helpful and it may have solved a problem you are searching for.

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