Making $100 A day From This Free App

Making $100 A day From This Free App




Making $100 A day From This Free App


Who has an iPhone 📱?
I’ve been making $100 a day from this free app!

It’s 100
Percent legit and free no personal info needed!

This is one of the simplest apps I have found to earn you money online.

Bee Gather App is a convenient and fast information collection tool specially developed for collectors.

imoney make money app

It gives you step by step instructions on how to download the app how long to have it open and to collect your money.

It is suitable for traffic accident information collection, scenic spot and scenic spot collection, weather information collection and news information collection.

Don’t forget to verify your phone number and phone to be able to participate and collect your money.

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Best Money Making Apps for 2019

This list of best apps to make money is broken down into the following categories:

  1. Money Making Survey Apps
  2. Cash Back and Receipt Scanning Apps
  3. Apps That Pay You for Simple Tasks
  4. Best Apps for Selling Stuff

There are other ways here at Job Kartel to making $100 a day from this free!

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Fivestar | Become A Tester With …


Become A Tester With Fivestar...



Fivestar Marketing

Fivestar Marketing is a platform that facilitates product tests and reviews.

Learn more about the basics of our platform, what you can expect as a member and what we expect from you.

You can earn money by working via our platform – by writing reviews of products and services.

Register with us as a tester and conduct assessments of our client’s products and services from the comfort of your home – or wherever you may happen to be.

The use of our platform is completely free for our product testers, who are under no obligation to do anything.

You are free to decide which reviews you would like to take up.

And please note that you will be able to administer all your tasks via your Fivestar account.


Just give it a go: FiveStar

it only takes a few seconds to register; you can then add to your personal data whenever you like.

We’d be glad to have you aboard!

We leave you free to decide which tasks you accept and work on.

New tasks are added to our system every day.

We let you decide whether to review products, review services or take simple click-based tasks.

If you would like to know exactly what kinds of tasks there are and what you have to do when it comes to particular tasks, you can find out more here.

If you would like to sign up to become a tester and just give it a go, this takes you to where you register.

Registering takes less than a minute. And that’s it – you’re done!

All you need to start with is a valid email address and a self-generated password.

You will be able to enter and alter any of your other personal data at a later point in time.



Having problems with registering? – You’ll find help here.

Fivestar is completely free to you as a tester, and you are not obliged to do anything.
We just need your PayPal or bank details for the purpose of paying your balance and also so we can make payments relating to verified tasks that involve advance payments.
You can keep most of the products once you have reviewed them.
You can see whether you are allowed to keep the product in question prior to accepting a task.

Should your profile be rated as a trustworthy FiveStar account, you will receive VIP status. 

A VIP account gives you access to more tasks than normal users; in addition, certain limitations that apply to normal users are removed.
You cannot apply for a VIP account.
The assigning of VIP status is the responsibility of our staff.
The more tasks you complete successfully, and the more reliable you are, the more likely it is we will assign your account VIP status.
Sign Up here and get approved and start today!

Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes?…| Flip ME

Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes

Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes?…

Flip Me | The first Complete Copy and Paste Formula

Making Money in Hours: With Almost ‘0’ Work Is a Fact…

  1. Copy this listing from here […]
  2. & then Paste it here […] for 4x the price… You keep the profit every time

Unique – Unusual… and 100% replicable! Simply Rinse, Repeat & Scale

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 4.22.07 PM

YOU CAN NOW MAKE $100s a Week from someone else’s product which you never have to touch, stock or ship… … and it’s all totally legal.

Changes to this platform mean you can find certain types of products and re-advertise free for 4x the price.


This little known platform has remained a closely guarded secret for almost a decade. Advertise other people’s products.

Make 100-400% profit on each Flip by simply Copying from one platform and advertising on another.

Zero risks… You sell at a higher price before purchasing at the lower price from your profit. You don’t even need to ship… it’s all done for you!

  • Inspired Step by Step Training
  • Peer to Peer Arbitrage through 2 platforms
  • Evergreen, Popular and trending product focus
  • 5 Minute Copy and Paste Flip process
  • You never touch the products…
  • Built-in platform traffic & buyers
  • 200 – 400% Profit markup by simply re-advertising on this platform
  • Scalable without cost

Proven and Tested High-Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 4.32.57 PM.png

Why You Should Promote FLIPPme?

Proven and Tested High-Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

#1. Products convert… actually, they convert in eye-watering numbers. With Multiple POTD & WSOs awards… We’ve even achieved POTD 3 times on one product!

#2. With an average conversion percentage of over 25%, it makes sense to test our offers with your subscribers. After all – you want the best EPCs and conversions possible don’t you.

#3. Talking of EPCs: The last time we did this we crossed and stuck to an $8 EPC… So for every 100 clicks, you sent; you made $800 profit, pretty good right?… Well, this time we’re almost giving the FE product away but with our Ultra solid funnel, you’ll still walk away with massive EPCs!

#4. Killer copy… Design… Layout… Graphics and VSLs ensure our offers are irresistible (statistics don’t lie)… and even though we’re rolling out a remarkably cheap FE product we’re not skimping on quality at any point!… Have you seen the Sale Page? – Click Here to View the Preview 

Great Products – Easy to Sell – Huge Numbers– Solid Reciprocation… That’s why you should consider getting started today! Click Here For More Information

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How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines


How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines

How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines. I bet when you read the title you was like drawing lines. How can I make money drawing line.

Well today that’s exactly what you are are going to learn today…. How to make $10 a minute drawing lines.

First you will to make a account with

Once you set up your profile, in your description of the job you offer, you will be removing backgrounds from pictures.

The reason being is because a lot of online boutique owners and drop shippers need photos to sell their products without background images in the photos.

You can charge $10 for a action that only takes a minute to complete.

You can charge up to $65

The software you need to perform this job and remove the background images for each client that pays for your service is called, Clipping magic.

You upload the picture

Draw a green line through the image you want to keep on the photo.

Draw a red line through the images you want to remove from the photo.

Hit enter and you are done!

Like I save before it only takes a minute to do the task.

Email the finished photo to the client or how ever the client asked you to send the photo to him.

And boom $10 in your Paypal Account.

You could make up to a $100 a day or more.

Even better you could start your own online digital business and quite your 9-5 job and work from anywhere there is a Internet connection.

And that’s How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines.

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Make Money From Home With These 7 Awesome Ideas


Make Money From Home With These 7 Awesome Ideas



Make Money From Home With These 7 Awesome Ideas

that can make you some extra money online or become your full-time income.

Ever since I got laid off from my Job working from home has been my source of income.



#1: Sell things you’re not using anymore


Do you have kids?

Which items aren’t they playing with anymore?

And what about your clothes?

Do you still wear everything in your wardrobe?

Most people have a home full of things they don’t use anymore.

You might be able to get rid of baby stuff when they are getting older.

If you have furniture you’re not using anymore or don’t like anymore, take a picture and sell it online!

Craigslist, Facebook Yard Sale, Amazon, eBay… ETC.


#2: Make money with your car

A few options to make money with your car:

  • Put commercials on your car and get paid for it
  • Rent out your car to someone else
  • Become an Uber or Lyft driver 
  • Door Dash Driver


#3: Make money with your house

Do you have an extra room in your house?

Or even an entire floor you don’t use?

You can rent out a spare room via Airbnb and possibly make some good money from it.


#4: Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are basically online office managers.

Do you like to do customer service tasks?

Are you good at managing social media?

Are you a really great planner?

You can probably become a great virtual assistant and help businesses with the tasks they don’t have the time or the right knowledge for.

This can all be done online, so it’s an awesome job to do from your own home.

#5: Invest

One of my favorite way to make money is to invest. It usually doesn’t cost you much time after you’ve done your research, so after a while, this can actually make you rich while you sleep 😉

Of course investing comes with a risk, but if you are willing to take a risk, this might be a great option for you to build up a passive income.

There are plenty of ways to invest your money, for example:

There are many more ways to invest your money. It depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take and how much money you have to invest.


#6: Start a blog

Blogging can be an awesome way to make money online.

It takes a lot of time and effort before you will make any money.

But if you like to write and put your voice out there, then go for it!

Check out this post on how to get started with a blog. 

There is an E-Book that I have used to help drive traffic to my blog it may help you also.


#7: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another great way to earn money online.

You can do this with or without a blog.

If you are not sure what Affiliate Marketing … check out this Free Affiliate Course

And if you decide to use this as your income source her is my Master List of Affiliate programs

Also here is another E-Book that will help you further with this Niche.


I hope this post was helpful … If you look in the menu of this blog you will find other online jobs and resources that can make you extra money on the side or become your full-time job.

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