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Become A Tester With Fivestar...



Fivestar Marketing

Fivestar Marketing is a platform that facilitates product tests and reviews.

Learn more about the basics of our platform, what you can expect as a member and what we expect from you.

You can earn money by working via our platform – by writing reviews of products and services.

Register with us as a tester and conduct assessments of our client’s products and services from the comfort of your home – or wherever you may happen to be.

The use of our platform is completely free for our product testers, who are under no obligation to do anything.

You are free to decide which reviews you would like to take up.

And please note that you will be able to administer all your tasks via your Fivestar account.


Just give it a go: FiveStar

it only takes a few seconds to register; you can then add to your personal data whenever you like.

We’d be glad to have you aboard!

We leave you free to decide which tasks you accept and work on.

New tasks are added to our system every day.

We let you decide whether to review products, review services or take simple click-based tasks.

If you would like to know exactly what kinds of tasks there are and what you have to do when it comes to particular tasks, you can find out more here.

If you would like to sign up to become a tester and just give it a go, this takes you to where you register.

Registering takes less than a minute. And that’s it – you’re done!

All you need to start with is a valid email address and a self-generated password.

You will be able to enter and alter any of your other personal data at a later point in time.



Having problems with registering? – You’ll find help here.

Fivestar is completely free to you as a tester, and you are not obliged to do anything.
We just need your PayPal or bank details for the purpose of paying your balance and also so we can make payments relating to verified tasks that involve advance payments.
You can keep most of the products once you have reviewed them.
You can see whether you are allowed to keep the product in question prior to accepting a task.

Should your profile be rated as a trustworthy FiveStar account, you will receive VIP status. 

A VIP account gives you access to more tasks than normal users; in addition, certain limitations that apply to normal users are removed.
You cannot apply for a VIP account.
The assigning of VIP status is the responsibility of our staff.
The more tasks you complete successfully, and the more reliable you are, the more likely it is we will assign your account VIP status.
Sign Up here and get approved and start today!

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