How Can I Get More Traffic To My Blog Using Quora?


How Can I Get More Traffic To My Blog Using Quora_


I Get the question How can I get more traffic to my site using Quora? “

Well, today in this blog post I will let you know a secret.

You can absolutely get traffic to your blog or website with the website Quora

Some of you may ask what is Quora?

Quora is social networking as well as question and answer site.

Where questions & queries are asked, answered, edited and organized by the community of users known as Quorans. 

Here, the users can collaborate by editing and merging the question by editing and suggesting an edit to other relevant users.

Users can open an account by using their Google or Facebook ID.


They can create an account on Quora by registering their Email ID and filling in the necessary details.

Quora allows it’s users to

  • ask questions,
  • merge questions,
  • follow a question,
  • answer a question,
  • request to answer a question,
  • suggest edits,
  • upvote,
  • downvote,
  • thank,
  • comment,
  • share,
  • and bookmark.

All the above are great for your blog…

How Can I Get More Traffic To My Blog Using Quora_ (1)

The website also allows the users to go anonymous while asking a question or answering a question  (my personal favorite part). It’s a very interesting site…believe me…

In other words, I love it…

Therefore if you have a blog, website, affiliate link, etc. that can answer the question that is sent to you then that will send traffic to were you need it to be.

In conclusion,

It’s really simple to use Quora…

Just sign up, connect twitter if you like and add the topic that you have knowledge in or that leads back to your blog or product.

I started using Quora to draw traffic to my blog and it works great, I also use it to get leads for your products like E-books, or Courses you have.

Like I said before Quora is the truth, I think I like it more than Pinterest.

Well maybe not, but I hold this site to the same light I do Pinterest because they get the job done.

If you missed my post on how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest then click here.

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