How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines


How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines

How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines. I bet when you read the title you was like drawing lines. How can I make money drawing line.

Well today that’s exactly what you are are going to learn today…. How to make $10 a minute drawing lines.

First you will to make a account with

Once you set up your profile, in your description of the job you offer, you will be removing backgrounds from pictures.

The reason being is because a lot of online boutique owners and drop shippers need photos to sell their products without background images in the photos.

You can charge $10 for a action that only takes a minute to complete.

You can charge up to $65

The software you need to perform this job and remove the background images for each client that pays for your service is called, Clipping magic.

You upload the picture

Draw a green line through the image you want to keep on the photo.

Draw a red line through the images you want to remove from the photo.

Hit enter and you are done!

Like I save before it only takes a minute to do the task.

Email the finished photo to the client or how ever the client asked you to send the photo to him.

And boom $10 in your Paypal Account.

You could make up to a $100 a day or more.

Even better you could start your own online digital business and quite your 9-5 job and work from anywhere there is a Internet connection.

And that’s How To Make $10 A Minute Drawing Lines.

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