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Increase your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

Increase Your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

Increase your Blog Traffic In 30 Days

I have been following this blended pinning strategy for over a month now.

And have seen my blog traffic skyrocket substantially.

From about 7,000 page views per month to over 30,000 page views in a single month.

Here is an overview of how I use both a manual pinning strategy + Tailwind to increase blog traffic every single month:


Login to Tailwind >> Publisher >> Your Schedule.

Create a pinning schedule of anywhere from 30-150 pins per day.

(depending on how many pins you have, boards you contribute to, etc – DON’T SPAM!)


Tailwind >> Publisher >> Board Lists.                                                        How to make money on Pinterest

Organize your group boards and personal boards by category to make pinning easier.


Login to Google Analytics >> Acquisition >> Social >> Network Referrals >> .

Pinterest to see your top viewed posts/pages and the associated pins that bring you traffic.


Use the information from step three about your top posts/pins to schedule new copies of your original pins using the Tailwind Extension for Google Chrome.


After scheduling your top pins from your tops posts, go back to Tailwind >> Scheduled Pins and shuffle your pins.

Doing this once a month accounts for the majority of my pinning on a daily basis.


To support Tailwind, (and to engage on Pinterest), manually pin 2-4 times per day for 30-60 mins (Using Pinteresting Strategies) but ONLY pin to YOUR PERSONAL BOARDS to avoid spamming group boards.

I found that just pinning to my personal boards when manually pinning cuts down.

THow to make money on Pinteresthe time spent doing so because you no longer have to monitor what boards you are pinning to.

After reading the eBook Pinteresting Strategies and learning + implementing the Pinterest SEO tips that are crucial to your success, I began to see booming results from Tailwind.

Seriously, do not hesitate to purchase Pinteresting Strategies if you want to increase your blog traffic quickly.


Happy Pinning!

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