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Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest Blogging

How to Land Guest Blogging Opportunities in Under an Hour.

Guest blogging is a great way to get more out of the articles and content you produce on the regular.

It’s a marketing strategy that could be of great help.

when it comes to promoting your content or simply an effective strategy to grow your blog fast.

It’s about contacting a blog different than yours and getting them to publish content that you’ve created.

Of course, this other blog would be relevant to yours and have a similar audience.

To exemplify, if you write about web design, you would contact a blog that operates in the same field.

One of the greatest benefits of guest blogging is that you are getting your content exposed to a new audience.

This could bring traffic to your own` blog because people may want to read more of your work.

It’s also a win-win situation for the blog that shares your article.

But how exactly do you go about landing a guest blogging opportunity?

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how the outreach ninjas at DragDropr find and land guest blogging opportunities in less than an hour.

Step #1: Find Guest Post Opportunities

Guest Post Guidelines

One of the first things that you need to do is to find relevant blogs that would be interested in publishing your content.

Given the example from earlier, if you’re into web design you should look for blogs that are in the same field.

This will ensure that your content would be fitting to the blogs and audience in question.

As always, the best place to start searching is Google.

The magic happens when you actually use a specific search string to identify all the guest blogging opportunities in your industry.

Our team uses the following list of search strings in Google:

So, if your primary focus is to find guest blogging opportunities in the web design industry, you would need to search with one of the following search strings listed above in Google:

Ex: Web design ”write for us”.

 Example #1: How to use search strings in Google

Once you make your search with this keyword in Google, you’ll notice that all of your search results will consist of blogs and media outlets that are transparently welcoming inspiring guest authors.

From our guest blogging experience, most of the blogs and media outlets that accept guest authors have landing pages called ”Write for us”.

Thus, the search string that we used in the example above is the most effective one for generating the highest number of guest blogging opportunities.

Step #2: Find the Right Contact Information

The key to a highly successful outreach campaign is finding the right contact information.

Nowadays, instead of going through your prospects one by one, you can use tools like Ninja Outreach to help you automatically collect the necessary contact information.

Once you generate the initial set of search results in Google, use the Ninja Outreach browser extension to collect all the prospects in one list and the app will automatically find the primary contact information such as full name of the website owner, email address, contact form, social media channels, the number of followers for each channel and the key SEO metrics. There is no waiting time so the extension will generate the contact information within a few seconds.

Once you generate your first search results, just right click with your mouse on an empty space and click ‘Load Links on Ninja Outreach’. Alternatively, you can collect the prospects manually with the same method by clicking on each URL one by one.

Example #2: How to load prospects in Ninja Outreach

After that, choose your newly created list for guest blogging purpose in Ninja Outreach and save all the results in it.

You can keep saving the results on every next page on Google until you run out of ”Write for us” search results.

If you feel like you don’t have enough prospects for your guest blogging campaign, feel free to use the next search string from the list above and save the new set of prospects in the same list in Ninja Outreach.

Example #3: How to save prospects in Ninja Outreach

Later, you can easily filter your prospects in the app and only contact only the ones that fulfill your guest posting requirements.

Example #4: How to filter results in Ninja Outreach

In case you don’t have a Ninja Outreach account, you can always create a Google spreadsheet and populate the contact information of your prospects manually. Our team usually populates the following categories to help us easily navigate through the prospects in the spreadsheet:

– Website URL– Full Name (Owner or Editor)– Email Address– Contact Form (In case there is no email address available)– Facebook Followers– Twitter Followers– Domain Authority– Alexa Rank

Example #5: Managing guest blogging prospects in a Google spreadsheet

Step #3: Send Your Pitch

The second key element to a highly successful outreach campaign is creating a personalized pitch.

Now imagine that you’re an owner of a highly successful blog or media outlet and receive dozens of guest blogging pitches every day.

I’m sure you’ll easily grow tired of reading generic pitches that most likely ended up in your inbox just to steal a backlink.

Instead of sending an uninspiring pitch, invest a significant amount of effort when creating your guest blogging pitches so that the prospect on the receiving end would feel like you’re providing value to their loyal audience.

Check their latest articles or social media posts and make sure you get to know your prospects before sending a guest blogging pitch.

Usually, sharing their content or regularly commenting on their latest articles would grant you safe passage in their inbox.

Here’s an example of our battle-tested email template: Guest Blogging

”Hi [First Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I work on growth at [Company/Website].

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your blog recently and I’m thoroughly enjoying your latest content. You may have noticed my comment on your post on [Article Title]. Btw, I loved your tips on [Main Article Subject].

I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post on your blog and share my actionable tips with your audience. I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:

[Topic #1]

[Topic #2]

[Topic #3]

Worry not, I already got familiarized with your guest posting guidelines so I’ll make sure that my article provides original tips that can’t be found anywhere else.

To give you an idea of my writing style and the quality of my articles, here’s a link to a guest post that I published recently on [Article Link on Other Website].

Kind Regards,

[Your First Name]”

Our team uses outreach app such as Ninja Outreach that helps us personalize the outreach campaigns for each set of prospects. Alternatively, you can always use traditional email providers such as Gmail.

Pick & Choose Who to Contact In Guest Blogging

We have now covered one of the fastest ways when it comes to finding blogs that you could contact. However, let’s get into a bit more detail in regards to picking the right blogs for you.

When YouTube was becoming big, not many YouTubers had tons of subscribers. Therefore, people who were just starting out were collaborating with YouTubers that had a similar number of subscribers.

You could use the same approach with guest blogging as well. We mentioned earlier that you should look for blogs that at least have a decent following. But hey, less popular blogs could definitely be considered good enough. The reason being is that these blogs could be way more open to accepting guest blogs and therefore consider you. Plus what’s most important is if their content is high quality.

Make Yourself a Great Prospect Guest Blogging

If you get to be considered by another blog to share your content, you will need to have a unique idea prepared. This doesn’t have to be anything too special, but you should definitely do your homework beforehand. Make sure you give their blog a good look and take notice of their most popular content. This should serve as a guideline when picking the topic that you suggest to them.

In general, you should make the other blog’s job easy on them. If you make a straightforward offer that is precise and informative, they’re more likely to make a decision and accept it.  Our way of going about it so to suggest 2-3 potential topics that had been successful on that blog. We also try to show appreciation, compliment them, keep it short and to the point, and mention a previous work.

Final Words

Benefits of Guest Blogging

In conclusion, by following these simple guidelines we simplify the process of landing a guest blogging opportunity. And not only does this make it simple but very quick as well. What’s also great is that the process is easily replicable. You start with a simple Google and Social Media search by using keywords related to guest posting and preceding them with the term for your industry.

Next, you pick the best blogs by considering their level of popularity. You take a good look at their most successful content and you put together a few similar topics. Then, you contact the blogs in a clear and straightforward way that makes it easier for them to decide. If your approach is precise and you point out to your quality content, they’re more likely to accept the offer and publish your work.



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101 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting 2020!

 "Successful People Reflect On Their Progress Before They Start The New Year"

101 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting 2020!

Reflect On The 9 Most Important Parts Of Your Life

101 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting 2020.

Successful People Reflect On Their Progress Before They Start The New Year 2020!

Some People Asked Me How Do I Reflect,

So I Took Some Time And I Have Listed Some Questions I Ask Myself To Reflect Every Year 😉 I Hope It Helps You 😉

Take 1 Hour In Peace To Go Over The Following List Before You Start Taking Action In 2020,

It Can Make All The Difference To Create A Successful Year!

What Did I Learn In 2019?

What Did I Achieve In 2019?

How Does This Make Me Feel?

What Did I Learn From Failure And Success?

What Am I Proud Of?

Where Am I Balanced And Unbalanced In My Life?

What Do I Want To Improve In 2020?

What Do I Want To Achieve In 2020?

What Were My 5 Biggest Strengths In 2019?

What Are The 3 Weaknesses That I Can Improve To Perform Better?

Am I Happy About My Result?

What Am I Not Happy About And Why?

How Can I Make It Better?

Free Law Of Attraction Planner 2019

1. My Health

Did My Health Improve In 2018?

Did I Gain Weight Or Lose Weight?

Did I Improve My Stamina? How Was My Eating Habit, Healthy Or Unhealthy?

How Many Times Did I Exercise In A Week? Did I Follow My Health Plan?

Is My Body Getting All The Right Nutrition? Did I Feel Energetic, Younger Or Older In 2018?

How Did I Deal With Stress? What’s My Health Goal For 2018?

2. My Surrounding

Who Are The 5-10 People I Spend The Most Time With In 2018?

Are They Bringing Me Up Or Down? Are They Mostly Negative Or Positive?

Are They Big Thinkers Or Small Thinkers? Do We Have Unconditional Love Or Conditional Love?

How Much Are They Earning A Month? Are They Working On Themselves Every Day To Create A Better Life?

Did I Make New Positive Friends In 2018 That Encourage Me To Follow My Dreams? Help Me To Think Bigger?

Give Me A Vision Of A Better Life?

How Can I Improve My Surrounding In 2020?


3. Self Education

What Books Did I Read In 2018 That Made A Positive Impact On My Life?

What Self-Help Seminars Did I Attend? What Tapes Did I Listen To That Empower Me?

Am I Reading The Right Books To Bring Me To The Goal I Want To Achieve?

Am I Waiting For Somebody To Inspire Me Or Do I Inspire Myself?

Which People Did I Learn The Most From?

What Do I Want To Learn In 2020?


4. Money Management

How Did I Manage My Money In 2019?

Did I Have A Plan? Did I Save? Did I Invest Back In My Business?

Did I Give To Charity?

What Is My Plan For 2019?

What Is My Plan To Protect My Wealth From Inflation?

Is My Money Working For Me?


5. Business Skills

How Did I Follow My Business Plan In 2019?

Am I Doing The Business As A Hobby Or As A Business?

Did I Keep Gauges? What Did I Learn From My Gauges?

Is This Number Going To Bring Me Where I Want To Go?

How Can I Improve This Number? What Business Skill Do I Want To Learn In 2020?


6. Love And Relationships

How Much Loved Did I Feel In 2019?

How Did I Show My Love To Friends, Family, And My Love?

Did I Spend Quality Time With My Friends And Family In 2019?

Did I Love Myself In 2019?

How Did I Practice Self Love?

Did I Easily Forgive Myself In 2019?

What Do I Still Carry With Me That I Want To Let Go Before 2019 Starts?
Did I Forgive Others?

How Did I Practice Forgiveness?

Take Time To Forgive Now And Let Go 😉 Did I Love Conditionally Or Unconditionally?

What Do I Want To Improve In My Relationships And Love Life For 2019?

What Goals Do I Have Regarding Family, Love, And Friends In 2019?

How Can I Make My Relationships More Fulfilling?


7. My Emotions

Did I Spend Most Of My Time Thinking Negative, Blaming, Complaining What I Do Not Have? Living In Fear? Concerned About What Other People Think?

Or Did I Spend Most Of My Time Being Grateful, Focusing On The Good I Have And The Future I Can Build? Helping Others?

What Emotions Do I Want To Have The Most In 2020?


8. My Habits

What Daily Habits Help Me To Create A Better Life And Growing Business?

What Negative Habits Are Holding Me Back?

What New Empowering Habits Can I Create For 2020?


9. Spirituality

Did I Take Time To Sit Quiet And Meditate?
How Can I Do This More In 2020?

Was I At Peace With Myself?  Or Was My Mind Too Busy?
How Can I Be More At Peace With Myself In The World In 2020?

Did I Take Time To Connect With God/The Universe?
How Can I Connect More With God/The Universe?

Do I Feel Lonely Most Of The Time Or Can I Be Happy With Myself?
How Can I Be More Happy With Myself In 2020?

Do I Have Faith Or Do I Worry Too Much?
Do I Act Out Of Love Or Out Of Fear?

Did I Follow My Heart? Did I Follow My Intuition?
Am I Doing My Passion?
Following My Hearts Desire?

Am I Spending Quiet Time With Nature?

Am I Grateful Everyday For The Simple Things In Life?  Am I Happy In The Now?
Was I Flowing In The Present Or Always In The Future With My Mind?
How Can I Be More Present In 2020?

What Daily Habits Can I Create In 2019 To Be More Present, More In The Flow With Nature, More At Peace With Myself And More Connected To God?

What New Empowering Habits Can I Create For 2020?



What Am I Committed To Change And Improve And Why?

Do I Need A Mentor, A Coach?


My Why:

What Is My BIG WHY To Improve My Life?


–> If You Are Serious About Creating An Amazing 2019 Get Yourself A Success Planner And Make All Your New Year Resolutions A Reality 😉

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Monthly Reflection Page
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