Rent Small Websites To Local Businesses!

Rent Small Websites To Local Businesses!

To who?

Small business owners.


Cuz they want more customers, and that’s what these sites give ’em.

Throw up a teeny-tiny site.

How does it work?

Pick easy local niches.

Optimize it for phrases would-be buyers are searching for in Google.

Point some backlinks (which are kinda like “votes” for your website).

Get ranked at the top of page one.

Add a local phone number that tracks and forwards incoming calls.

Email, call, or PM someone in that space and offer ’em free leads.

Let ’em close a deal or two.

(That way, they know we’re legit.)

Then say: “It’s 500/mo to keep ’em coming.”

(Could be more, could be less, depending on the niche/city.)

If they pass, no biggie–onto the next one.

Sooner or later, someone’s gonna say yes.

At that point, set it and forget it.

(At the city-level, these micro sites stay ranked for a long time with almost no maintenance.)

Then go make another one.

Over time, just think, you could have dozens of these little sites going to work–24/7–so you don’t have to.

Sound too good to be true?

Give it a try!

Or don’t–totally up to you.

But it won’t cost you a penny to try!

And there are hundreds of amazing niches that are still wide-open.


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