Start A Small Side Business With No Start Up Money!

Here’s an awesome side biz.


Pick an easy local niche.

It could be for any medium-sized city, in any country… regardless of where you live.

(Since it’s all done online.)

The main thing is, you want something uncommon.

That way, every marketer and their auntie aren’t going after it.

So, instead of “dentist” or “chiropractor” or “plumber,” for this example, let’s do: “tattoo removal.”


Now, let’s select a city.

It has to be big enough to make it worth your while.

But small enough to where you can score a fairly quick win.

The sweet spot, I’ve found, is anything with a population of around 100,000.

Doesn’t mean you can’t go higher or lower.

But, for your first project, I think something in that neighborhood will give you the greatest shot at success.

So like, how ’bout: “Vista, California?”

Theirs is 101,568.


We’ve got ourselves a niche:

“Tattoo Removal Vista, California”


Create a simple little website about this topic.

It could literally be one page, and that’s it.

Here, the important part, is to grab a keyword-rich domain.

This helps you rank in Google, which, as you’ll soon see, is the foundation of this entire business.

So, something like:


Which, at the time of writing this, is available.

(I’m sure someone will snag it after reading this – and that’s why I didn’t link to it.)

From there, tack on a headline:

“Tattoo Removal Vista, California”

Add some tattoo removal photos.

Maybe a few paragraphs of text.

Bullet points.

And so on.

What you can do is, look up a handful of existing tattoo removal websites, see what they’re saying, and model them.

Obviously, don’t copy.

It’s unethical… not to mention, it’ll make it harder for you to rank in Google.


Don’t overthink it.

You should be able to knock one of these out in a single afternoon.

Then, when you’re happy with it, add an email intake form and a local phone number.

Make sure you can track and forward every incoming lead.
Not sure how to do that?

We’ve got you covered.

Our custom software will handle it all, in just a few clicks.

So if you’re thinking: “I’m not techie enough to do this…”

Think again.

My 11-year-old daughter does this.

We’ve got grandpas and grandmas doing it.

And everyone in between.


Now, all that’s left, is to hit publish.


You’re live.


Point some backlinks to it.

These are like “votes” for your website.

And getting to the top of Google is basically a popularity contest.

But not all votes are created equal.

And some take a ton of time and effort… to acquire.

So, what we do is?

We work together, inside our private group of 4,298 members, to send each other powerful, relevant links.

The result?

First page rankings… in record time!

We’re talking… a few days… to a few weeks… depending on how well you followed these first few steps.

Oh, and if you’re worried about getting “slapped” by Google?

Don’t be.

After 11+ years of doing this, I’m telling you, we’ve got it down to a science.

Everything we teach is wildly effective… and completely safe.


Moving on.


Find some tattoo removal businesses in Vista, California.

A quick Google search reveals plenty.

Focus on the ones with ugly websites that aren’t showing up at the top of page one, as they’ll benefit the most.

Call, email, text, or PM each place.


“I’d like to send you some free business, and after I do… if you want more… maybe we can chat about my paid service. Are you open to that?”

(Or something similar; you get the idea.)

Basically, we want to remove the need for you to “sell.”

That way, you sidestep the obvious objections:

“But I’ve never heard of you before.”

“And you’re halfway across the country.”

“And you’ve got no brand.”

“No proof.”


“So yeah, it’s a hard-no for me.”

See what I’m saying?

But when you deliver results in advance, like we do, none of this matters.

So this part, right here, is critical.

It’s how so many average, everyday people – just like you – are winning with our system.


One or more of these businesses is gonna say: “Sure, why not?”

Go with the one that sounds most excited.

Ask ’em which email address and phone number they’d like to receive inquiries at.

Then, go into our software (more on how to get your hot little hands on it in a sec.) and adjust the settings so that all emails and calls automatically get routed to the right place.

(Without you lifting a finger or talking to a single soul.)



By now, your itty-bitty website should be making its way to the top of page one in Google.

You should see it when you search for terms like:

“Tattoo removal Vista, CA”

“Tattoo removal Vista cost”

“Tattoo removal service near me”

“Laster tattoo removal Vista, California”

“Tattoo removal Vista before and after”


Now go check your stats.

See how many leads you’re sending your (potential) new partner.

Then, Netflix and chill while they land a deal or two – all thanks to you.

After that, it’s undeniable:

You’re all that and a side of skinny fries.

So… name your price.

It’s easy with our custom calculator.

Simply plug in the numbers from your brief trial run, and it’ll spit back a fair amount you can charge, either per lead, or as a flat monthly fee.

Depending on the project, a good estimate, based on hundreds of our own case studies, is right around 750/mo.

However, I’d expect this one to be slightly less.

Maybe like 500/mo.


What happens if they say no?

Well, you do another trial with another tattoo removal business in or near Vista, California, and make them the same offer.

Keep going till you get a yes.

Then have ’em PayPal you month one.

(Or send a check; or whatever you prefer.)

Congrats, by the way.

This is probably the first “side biz” that’s ever worked for you.



Get them even more leads.

You want them so booked out, they wouldn’t dare leave you.

Our favorite ways to do this are:

One, get listed in Google Maps.

Two, use a Google AdWords coupon to run free ads on Google.

Three, add a new page to your website for any additional services they offer, plus any nearby cities they serve.

Four, explore other backlinking opportunities.

Five, if the numbers make sense, consider running a sponsored post – like this.

(If not, skip it. That’s the beauty of this model – no ad spend, so you pocket pretty much everything.)

(And obviously, no inventory to store or whiny customers to deal with. I’m mean mugging you, e-comm.)


I’m not going to go into each of those here, but, just know, we do have roadmaps, shortcuts, and swipes you can leverage… for all five methods.


Then, once this baby is firing on all cylinders, and you’re getting as many leads as you can possibly get, set it and forget it.

(At the city level, yes, your website should stay ranked for a very long time, with almost no maintenance.)

Now check this out.


Launch a second site while the proceeds… from this first one… continue to trickle in, every 30 days, like clockwork.

You can do this one of two ways.

Either… pick a new niche altogether.

Or, what I like to do is, just stay in that same lane.

Find another decent-sized city, clone the first site, tweak it for the new city, change the content up slightly so it’s unique, rank it, offer a free trial, land another tattoo removal client… repeat.

Super scalable, huh?

And, just think:

You could have 5, 10… 50 of these little websites going to work for you, day in and day out.

“Won’t it get saturated?” I hear you say.

Ah, good question.

The answer’s no.

And here’s why:

With hundreds of these amazing, under-the-radar niches, and thousands of cities worldwide, fact is, we won’t be bumping into each other any time soon.

“Okay, but if it’s so easy, why wouldn’t the business owner just do it themselves?” you might wonder.

To which I’d say:

Well, some do.

They buy our training, LOL.

But most… are too busy doing eleventy-hundred other things.

They just don’t have the time or patience… or interest… to sit behind a laptop and learn this “internet stuff.”

And say this deal does end up being 500/mo.

Well, if it makes ’em an extra 1,500/mo, I mean, who wouldn’t trade one dollar for three?


(You know I am.)


If you’re still reading this, I’m guessing you’re at least somewhat interested in learning more about this business.

And, if so, you’re in luck.

I’ve created a free “demo page” that’s loaded with examples, interviews, and additional info.

Sign up – here – for instant access:

Simply enter a valid email, then check your inbox for the homie hookup.

It’ll arrive in mere seconds.

Open it up… like a Happy Meal… and dig in.

Watch every video.

Read every word.

Look for holes in our process.

Hear from people we’ve already taught this to, who are out there doing it.

What problems have they had?

What niches have they gone into?

What are their little sites pulling in each month?

We won’t sugarcoat it.

You’ll get the good, the bad, the ugly.


Then, when you’re finished, I think you’ll know whether or not this is for you.

If it is, you can apply for our done-with-you experience.

(Assuming you’re a decent human, like to laugh, willing to work hard, and not expecting this to happen overnight.)

It comes with tools, that calculator and software I was telling you about, in-person meetups, daily hand-holding, accountability, outsourcing options, the whole shebang.

Nevertheless, if you’re not feeling it, you certainly don’t have to apply.

In fact, you’ll notice an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of that first email.

Click it, and you’ll never hear from us again.

So, the way I see it… worst case… you’re only out a few minutes of time.

Best case… you end up with a website (or 20)… paying you, passively, each month.

Not so bad, is it?


Okay then… tap below:

Enter your email.

And let’s have some fun.


Do me a favor.

Open up some new tabs, and pull up sites like:


Notice how similar their layouts are?

Right away, you’re asked to register or do a search or enter your info, right?

Yeah, well, there’s a reason for that.

They’re all doing this exact process I just laid out for you:

Getting free traffic from Google, capturing leads, then selling those leads to small businesses.

Only, on a much bigger, broader, fancier level.

To where, some of ’em… have been acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars.

So if you’re questioning the validity of this model, maybe those examples will help ease your skepticism.

And I could list quite a few more – many of which you’ve probably heard of, or even used, yourself.

(But I’ll spare you.)

Oh, and don’t worry:

As big as those websites are, if you happen to go into any of those industries… and “compete” with ’em… they’re surprisingly easy to out-rank.


Because our little sites are so laser-targeted… Google gives us the edge for the terms we’ve optimized for (i.e. “tattoo removal Vista, California”).

Plus, get this:

These “mega sites” typically sell their leads to multiple businesses.

Think about that:

Would you pay for leads that are also getting sent to your top competitors?

It’s crazy, but many businesses do, because they can’t find a better alternative.

So… then… it’s a race… to see who can contact the prospect first… or offer them the lowest price.


No wonder, when we come in, and flood their phones and inboxes with folks who are ready to buy… and referred exclusively to them… AND we prove ourselves, first, before ever asking for dough… our clients are all:

“Whaddya… eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day?”

“How do I get more… and when can I pay you?”

(*Drops mic.)

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