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Blogging Freebies That Can Make You Money

Blogging Freebies That Can Make You Money

Blogging Freebies That Can Make You Money.

People always asking me how do you make money with blogging.

Do you just write a post and get paid?

Yes, that is one of the ways I get paid to blog, but we can talk about that later.

Today we are talking about these freebies ideas that can help you make money with your blog.


These are the top
ideas that I have seen other bloggers offer in many different niches over
the years.

Therefore I followed their lead and used these Ideas to grow my blog and my income.

These are gathered from top bloggers in bunches of different niches so
that you can all get an idea of what seems to be working the best across the

You can choose to use all them on just one it’s up to you… Hopefully, this will help to get some of the wheels in your head

It’s also key to make sure that the freebie that you are offering is
going to be helpful.

Remember: what works for one person might not work for you. Just because
another blogger is killing it with a mini-course doesn’t mean that kind of a
idea would fit your audience.

Knowing your reader, your people, and their needs specifically will be
the key here in making the most out of the Freebie that you offer.

And don’t forget – if it doesn’t work, try again!

It is important to keep trying to find the perfect fit for your
people and for the freebies that you have to offer.

1. Printables

You can create printables that will help your people take the next steps
on the email freebie that they just received.

This could be an outline of an
email challenge, a page of notes, a blank journal page, or instructions with an
example filled out of how to use the freebie you gave them.
There are no rules here! Just add extra value to your people!

2. Mini-course

I say a “mini-course” because I don’t want you to think that you should
be giving away a full course for $7-12!
A “mini-course” could be 1-3 lessons that will still provide value to the reader without being as overwhelming as a full course.

This also gives the bonus of an extra place to go after they finish the mini-course:

they will have the option to buy the next step up!

3. Videos

Never underestimate the power of video!

This has never been truer than right now!
Create a few videos to show your reader how to get the most out of
their freebie.

Make a video for each day of an email challenge that they can
only get from the ideas.

Add bonus tips and tricks to add to what you give
away in a post or freebie.
This can get a little technical, but it will likely convert very well!

4. Video Course

This is another option: make a specific course that is just based on
videos you’ve done about the topic of a freebie.

1-3 videos walking them
through some easy steps is all you need.
You can do a screen share video showing how you do something
technical. You can share how you meal prep.

Show how you decluttered a room in 5 minutes (real time).
This doesn’t have to be difficult.

But since it’s a video course, this might
be a $12+ idea! Bonus if you have a course to sell after this one!

5. Ebook (or physical book)

Ebooks can be made as round-ups of your own popular posts on a topic.
The freebie could be the first chapter of a book you wrote and the idea
could be the whole book.
Making and printing a book on Amazon is fairly easy and people put a
high value on books that they can hold in their hands for the most part.

you will likely make less money per sale if you did it this way.

6. Workbook

This goes back to the printables idea but takes it a step further.

This is
especially useful if your freebie is an email challenge.

Having a workbook to
help people along with your email challenge is very valuable.
Just add a few easy-to-make pages from Word or Excel spreadsheets
and then it’s easy to go from there.

Or you can get more creative and make
the workbook in Photoshop or Canva.

But that’s something more specific for
a graphic designer.

Keep it simple to start!

7. Guide

This is another one that piggybacks off of the idea of a workbook.

A guide that will give more details or

more tips and tricks to help your new reader through their freebie will be very valuable.
Maybe it’s a guide about the steps to take after they finish getting their use out of the freebie.

It could be an easy print out of what steps they need to
Again – the key here is simplicity! The simpler, the better!

8. Planner

No matter what your niche is, having a planner page is easy to make
and is viewed as a high-value thing to your audience.

You can easily create a
page using templates from Canva and editing them to your niche.

Or you could create your own in Word or Excel.
Making a planner that is specific to the needs of your reader is

Spend some time making this freebie and it will pay off.

9. Quote pages

People LOVE inspirational quotes.

Wall prints that they can print out at home and hang are in high-demand.
This is a bit more graphic-heavy so you might need to hire a designer
for this.

But you can also make some on your own just using some of the
pretty fonts in PicMonkey and Canva!
If you did choose to hire a designer, you can check them out on or

10. Templates

People love to see what worked for you. Do you have a template of an email that worked well for selling?

Do you have the secret to having a child who loves to read?

Are you an organizational wizard who has unlocked the secret to folding fitted sheets?

Do you have the script to use when you want
to have a tough talk with your husband?
Share them! People are looking for the easy way to do things – give it to

If you’ve found the way to spell something out in easy steps, exact
words, or magic formulas, share it!

11. Services

If you have a small service (emphasize small here – your time is
valuable and should be treated as such!) that you offer, you can offer that as a
higher-end tripwire.
Maybe you will do a video review of someone’s website, look over
someone’s budget, help someone upload things to the cloud, convert images
to PDFs… anything!
You can offer your services as an entryway to get your newest readers
to know-like-and-trust you very quickly.

This is also a great way to jumpstart the process of getting them into paying clients if you offer more or higher-end services as well.
It will introduce new readers to the amount of help that they can get
from you.

Remember – it’s always easier to make a customer into a repeat
customer than to start over again!


12. Mastermind/ membership sites

This is a way of making recurring income from your readers by
providing exclusive information to them through a mastermind group or a
membership site.
Provide recurring value to them through a private group or as a way to
get one-time pricing on a membership site that is usually priced higher for a
limited time.
This added value might not be for everyone or even for every niche!
But this is also a way to make money not just once, but repeatedly from a

It’s a great way to build a relationship, provide much more value,
and make a lot more money.

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The Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post

The Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post

Ask any Blogger in your Niche what the most important thing in Blogging is and they will all tell you Content.

Writing a Viral Blog Post will bring you tons of traffic for years to come.

It sounds so easy, right?

This is useful if you’re trying to get your post to convert to leads or product sales.

So here is a secret formula to creating a viral Blog Post.

If you follow it, word to word, you cannot go wrong.

So, go grab a glass of your favorite drink because this is going to be one extremely detailed post.


Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (1)

If you don’t have a blog at the moment, you can see my step-to-step guide on how to create a money-making blog on a budget.

You may be wondering how The Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post is going to help you.

Characteristics of a Viral Blog Post

1. It invokes a strong emotion like joy, nostalgia, anger, sadness, etc.
2. Gets tons of social media shares and comments (due to the previous point)
3. Helps you get lots of backlinks 
4. Boosts your overall traffic

Now that we understand what a viral blog post consists of, it will be easy for us to construct a viral blog post point by point so that we can actually create one!

Fundamentals of Writing a Viral Blog Post

Once you know who your readers are and what they are looking for on a daily basis, creating content ideas becomes easy.

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (3).png

Writing great content is good for you.

But writing the right content that your audience needs are even better.

Spend some time trying to figure out who your target audience really is and what they really want from your Blog. This will help reduce your bounce rate!

Know your end goal

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (2)

Before you write a Blog post, you must decide on your call-to-action. Is it to

1. Raise Brand awareness?
2. Generate leads or boost email sign ups?
3. Focus on an Affiliate Product?
4. Push sales to one of your Digital Product?
5. Direct them to your Services page?

Or is it something else?


Whatever your call-to-action is, do use more than 1-2.

This will help your readers focus on just the one call-to-action and will be effective in helping them take the required action.



Two Methods To Generate viral content ideas


 Learning from your competitors

Log on to and type in your Competitor’s URL. See which posts have gotten the most shares. And repeat this search for at least 4-5 of your Competitors.

This will give you a general idea of what is trending right now and what people love to read and share.

Pinterest’s Most Popular Pins

Go to Pinterest and type in keywords that you want to write about.

The pins that get over 1K-5K repins. See what keywords they’re using or what kind posts are related to the topic.

Are they tutorials? Or case studies? Or lists?

Choose a long-tail keyword

Keywords are the words or phrases your readers are going to type into a search engine to find a blog post that answers their question or helps bring an end to their search.

If I am going to make an Apple Pie I’m going to type “Simple Apple Pie Recipe” into Google. That is a keyword.

A long-tail keyword.

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (4).png
Narrowing down your focus, and using the right keywords in your blog post, you are helping your post climb up onto the first page of Google’s search results.

How do you find the right keyword?

Open Google Keyword Planner. It’s free. You will need to create an Ad account first. Then go to ‘Tools’ and select Keyword Planner.

Once you’re in, type in your idea and see what I find.

There are ton of results, but the key to getting a good keyword is being specific.

“Low Competition” means, your blog post has a very good chance of making it to the front page of Google!

So try using words that you have in your post , like the title of the post.

Sprinkle these keywords throughout your blog post to make it SEO great for google.

Write a click-worthy headline

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (5)

8 out of 10 people don’t click on a blog graphic if the headline doesn’t catch their eye.

The blog post title should be simple and easy to read. But at the same time, it should be catchy so that people click on it!

Tips to consider when you’re writing your blog post headline.

  • Let your blog title be short and sweet. Anything over 60 characters is too long!
  • Use bright and catchy adjectives like “effective,” “super,” “amazing,” or “incredible.”
  • Try and arouse the reader’s curiosity, for example. Teach your puppy how to sit with this simple trick! Read how!
  • Use numbers. People love seeing digits in a blog header, for example. 100 ways to draw a person
  • Use negative headlines once in a while. They do wonders for clicks! 10 Reasons why you’re not getting traffic to your blog.


Sit and scribble down about 5-10 headlines. Read through them and choose one.

Write an attention-grabbing intro

Now, that you’ve learned how to research blog post ideas, come up with keywords and craft an eye-catching headline, all that’s left to do is to write a blog post.

Do not be boring.

Write an introduction that empathizes with the reader. Show the reader you care.

Promises them what they will learn or accomplish by reading the post and gets them to stay on the page.

  • Tell a light story that’s slightly personal and related to the blog post.
  • Start with a little sense of humor to tickle their sides.
  • State an amazing fact and show your readers how the steps in your blog post are going to achieve this.
  • Reveal the result of your blog post and establish what the reader is going to learn by reading your blog post.

Make Your Post Easy To Read

Use your long-tail keywords throughout the post.

Be informative.

Tackle a problem.

Break down the solution

Using appropriate headers and sub-headers.

Do not write long, long paragraphs.

Images really boost a post.

Make your blog post interesting.

Aim for 2000 words.

It’s time for the conclusion.

Motivate your readers to try out what they’ve just read.

ask them to subscribe to your Blog or leave a comment.

Create a good (and sharable) blog graphic.

Interlink to old blog posts that you’ve written within your current blog post.

Include affiliate links or links to products that you think will help your readers.

Proof-read your Blog Post

You’ll also want to get yourself the Yoast SEO plugin because this is one of the best SEO plugins ever!

It helps me know when I have made my post readable and that the SEO is great and will help my post rank and go viral.

Publish and Promote

A few ways to promote your post are:

  • Create 2-3 blog post featured images and include it in the post. This doubles your chances of getting the post discovered.
  • Use your email marketing software to notify all your peeps of the blog post.
  • Share it via social media. This is where your pretty blog graphic comes in handy.
  • Reach out to Influencers or Blogging Buddies to get more eyes on the post.
  • Engage in Facebook Groups and see if anyone requires more help. Your link will come in handy here.
  • Try to help out people in comment threads who are looking for a solution to their problem. If your post answers a particular question, don’t be afraid to send that link.


please feel free to hit me up in the comments below.

Guide on Writing a Viral Blog Post (6).png