Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Note: This post contains affiliate links to products I trust.

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways for bloggers to drive traffic to their websites.

You can tap into the power of Pinterest and start using it to produce an income.

The Fastest Way to Earn Money on Pinterest Or blogging is Through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate links on Pinterest we’re a no-no at one time.

As a result of the changes that Pinterest has made,

Bloggers can now earn income online.

How exactly do you do it?

For  instance, The simple answer is to do this:

  1. Sign-up to be an affiliate for products and services you love to use
  2. Create a beautiful pin in Canva or PicMonkey
  3. Start pinning to your Pinterest boards

However you still must be careful when posting an affiliate link on Pinterest, you don’t want to be marked as spam and have your link blocked.


After that, you will need to learn a little knowledge about Affiliate MArketing and Pinterest If you don’t already know.

In addition, you might just be trying to freshen up your skills.

To sum it up In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why learning is important to mastering skills.



Reaching you the foundational strategies that lack from free content out there, to helping you make affiliate sales in your sleep (literally!), this training is an invaluable resource for bloggers who are struggling to make their first affiliate sale or who are stuck at under $1000 in earnings and want to grow their income.


  • Wake up in the morning, check your phone and see that you’ve made affiliate sales in your sleep?
  • To be able to cover your blogging expenses and to afford to invest more in the growth of your blog?
  • Make a profit blogging so that you’re actually getting paid for the hours of hard work you put into it?
  • Bring in an extra income in your household so that you can finally afford that one small luxury you’ve always wanted?
  •  Get paid for talking about products and brands that you truly love and that your readers actually need?
  • All your questions about affiliate marketing answered and feel confident to try it on your blog?
  • A clear affiliate marketing strategy and know exactly what to do to promote affiliate offers?


Moreover, Here is The List OF Ways to  Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs


“The She Approach To Making Your First Affiliate Sale” – Ebook

This 50+ pages ebook is an introduction to the world of affiliate marketing that includes everything a beginner should know, starting with affiliate practices that you should avoid and cover things such as common affiliate marketing terms, advice on how to find and pick the right affiliate programs for you, tips on where to insert your affiliate links & drive traffic to them, the legal implications of affiliate marketing and so much more!

Affiliate Programs For Bloggers


The Affiliate Programs Masterlist

This document is a collection of 500+ handpicked affiliate programs, carefully categorized by niche, that will help you find the right affiliate programs for your blog.


Quick Video Tutorials

This short library of video tutorials is for those of you who are just starting out and want to get a step-by-step approach to navigating your affiliate dashboard, finding your affiliate links and inserting them on blogs.

Tutorials from platforms such as Amazon Associates, AWIN, Share A Sale & SendOwl are already included + there are more to come.

Affiliate Marketing Case Studies 

Want to know how real bloggers use affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs? Now you can! At the moment you get a full breakdown:

  • How I made $1000 by promoting a $25 product
  • How I made $2500 (in one week) with a small email list



It’s important to choose affiliate marketing programs that are relevant to the niche of your website or blog. Apply to join programs representing products your target audience will like.


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How to make money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

You were probably searching for how to get paid using Pinterest or how to make money on Pinterest,

And Boom! You’re Here!

I know what you’re thinking Can you really make money on Pinterest?

You are for being skeptical? …Because I was too.

This side hustle doesn’t require any experience at all.

There are two popular ways to make money on Pinterest.

One way is to start a blog and the other doesn’t require a blog.

Either case, Like I said before you DON’T need any experience to start!

1. Start a blog for really cheap

I highly recommend starting a self-hosted blog before you learn how to make money on Pinterest.

I started my blog with wordpress.com with a business account… No, it’s not free

I know you might be thinking of starting a blog for free on WordPress.com but you don’t want to do that. You can get the benefits of a paid site with a free site. You will thank me later for this tip.

Also, no one will take you seriously.

On top of that, applying to ad networks and affiliate programs will be extremely tough. So believe me, you will want to start your blog the correct way by following my easy step-by-step tutorial here. You will thank yourself for doing this!

2. Relevant and helpful content.How to make money on Pinterest

Now that you’ve started a blog, write 5-10 relevant and helpful posts related to your niche that will solve your readers’ problems.

Figure out who your target audience is.

Choose something you enjoy talking about.

Don’t choose a niche just because you think it will make money. Sure, it may work out, but can you really don’t want to work on something you don’t have a genuine interest in?

This chart will help you determine what you can write about while solving your reader’s problems.

  • – Passion:

I know this is tough to answer, so this free personality test is amazing and can help you figure it out as long as you answer truthfully!

  • – Skills:

What are you good at? What do you usually get compliments on?

  • – Market demand:

What are people searching A LOT for on Google and Pinterest? I recommend using Google Keyword Search for some guidance. Billions of people out there want answers and solutions to their problems!

Remember that readers need your help with something.

3. Set up a Pinterest account

Start by signing up for a business Pinterest account. This is 100% free to sign up for and use.

optimized your bio profile, boards, and pins by sprinkling relevant keywords throughout your profile.

Follow the instructions here to claim your website on Pinterest.

4. Create Pinterest boards and pins.

Now you can start creating boards and making pins for your Pinterest account. I recommend using Canva to make pins when you’re a beginner.

5. Join group boards and make new personal boards every month.

I still recommend joining group boards that are relevant to your niche,  If you want a detailed guide (from the beginning to end) on how to use Pinterest (so that you can start making money), I highly recommend this Here a E-Book that can expand your knowledge with Pinterest and Pinterest Boards.

Focus on making new personal boards while joining some high-quality group boards.

So so far we have

How to make money on PinterestHow to make money on Pinterest– wrote 5-10 epic blog articles related to your niche that is inspiring and/or solves a problem.

– signed up for a Pinterest business account and verified your domain.

– created eye-catching pins with clickable images and titles.

– joined a minimum of 10 group boards and made 10 personal boards related to your niche.

– optimized your bio profile, boards, and pins by sprinkling relevant keywords throughout.

After having your blog and Pinterest account set up!

6.Drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest traffic will be your new BFF! When you have a new blog or website, I recommend focusing your efforts on Pinterest! It’s definitely a lot easier to get traffic from Pinterest than Google.

When Pinterest is used correctly and consistently, you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and make money through display advertising.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money with ads, and if your WordPress.com Adwords is another way to make money with ads.

I also recommend this Ebook to grow your blog traffic

7. Make money on Pinterest with affiliate links

On top of making money with Adsense or Adwords, you can also make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing.

You get paid by providing value and/or solving someone’s problem through a product or service.

If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, check out this  post here

Also this Marketing Bundle ANd The Affiliate Master List

As mentioned above, you can also create pins with Canva and use affiliate marketing to sell other people’s products and services that will benefit your target audience.

Like always I hope this post was helpful and it may have solved a problem you are searching for.

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6 Undeniable Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers Fast!




6 Undeniable Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers Fast!

  1. Pinterest Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Followers.

Fast easy tips that will immediately grow your Pinterest Account.

Pin Other People’s Pins To Gain More Pinterest Followers.

If all you share is your own content you are doing Pinterest WRONG!

By sharing quality pins with high repin numbers it will help you build your own reputation.

Tip: “Share 1 pin from my site for every 8 pins found from other sources.”

Check Your Links to make sure it leads to your Content.

See What is Being Repinned from your Pinterest page, Then you can determine which pins are getting more action than others.

Then you can use those pins, and create future pins that are similar,

This will attract more followers.

2. Get on Group Boards!

You Pin to group boards. Pin your content, but also pin content with a high number of repins.

Action is what we want. Join my group board: Connect and Share Promote Each Other for Success. Just follow me / send me a message to add you.


3. Have A great Pin Description

When your pin does get repinned that pin is seen by that person’s audience.

Entice every eye that sees your pin every time.


             Tip:  Pin description is the 2nd most important part of a pin


4. Add SEO

Use the  ‘alt description’  when making a blog post, this will become your pin description once saved to Pinterest.

Pinterest functions just like Google and you want Pinterest to pull up your pin every chance it gets.

Hashtags have been said to affect Pinterest analytics, try for yourself, I found them to be quite successful.


5. Create Great Boards

Make your boards visible and eye-catching.

Pin Valuable Content That Interests You, but also Benefit Your Followers

Tip: You can use your Tailwind Publisher on Pinterest. Simply click the extension when you are on a pinterest board you like.

when you want to mass schedule pins and not think about sharing every single hour.

Once a pin is queued, you can edit the description, edit the time, even add it to more boards or update the URL.

Don’t forget to make sure that the pin links to the right page or product.


6. Keep Pinning

I no it gets boring but really doing these steps will get you more followers and the more followers you get the more your pins are seen which equals more traffic to your blog or products. Don’t give up, Imagine where you will be six months from now.


I hope these steps and tips work out for you like they have me. For more post like this follow Job Kartel

Also, refer to another post on this blog like how to make money with Pinterest 

There is a Master Affiliates List posted.

99 Real Work from Home Jobs in 2019

99 Real Work from Home Jobs in 2019

I started working from Home in 2017 part-time.

I kept getting great full-time jobs but after six months at each, I would get laid off.

Since January 2, 2019, I have been working from home full time.

And I must say it is the best thing I have ever done.

The first two months were the toughest.

Looking for online is probably the hardest part of working online.

Trying to avoid scams, trying to figure out software, or even having the money some of these gurus want you to spend to even get started.

I decided to start this blog for people like you and me looking to work full time from home.

With little or no start-up cost.

This post contains 99 Real Work from Home Jobs in 2019.

Check them out, share with your friends someone else may need to see this list.


Translation Jobs

Online translation jobs are perfect for people who are bilingual and want to work from home. These jobs require you to have good bilingual skills along with an excellent command in English. Some of these translation companies ask for relevant qualifications and prior experience.


Gengo – This freelance translation platform hires translators for a number of projects. You will take a two-part test to demonstrate your skills. They have a useful style guide and resources to help you pass the test. You can work on live projects once you pass the test.

TextMaster – You can apply for freelance translation roles globally through this company. Just sign up online on their website with your details and take the test. Once you pass the test, you can take up the projects.

WorldLingo – If you are an experienced translator, you can Apply for this company. They hire freelance translators with a university degree and a membership of professional translation association in your country. To know more, read our WorldLingo review here.

VerbalInk – This company accepts linguists for translation projects. You need to send in your resume along with the language skills.

LanguageLine – This company hires interpreters in many countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc. You need to submit an online application through their website. All the interpreters should have native-level proficiency in English and the language they choose.


Paid Surveys

Online surveys might not be jobs as such, but they do help in pooling money for your extra needs. You need to be careful in choosing the right surveys to make the most of your time. If you sign up for the good number of legit surveys, then you can earn good extra cash for all your shopping.

Swagbucks – By far this is the most trusted and legitimate survey site by everyone. Apart from the $5 sign up bonus, you get to earn good extra cash passively by searching and watching videos through this survey site. They accept users from many countries. Read our in-depth review here.

Survey Junkie – This is another popular and reliable survey panel with a great review from BBB. This survey site scores points in getting some high paying surveys. They accept users from the US, Canada, and Australia.

Ipsos i-Say – This legitimate survey panel is great sending more surveys and having a loyalty bonus if you keep taking surveys. They accept users from the US and Canada. Learn more about this legit survey panel here.

InboxDollars – This survey panel has been there for a long time and used by many survey takers. They have many offers apart from surveys like reading emails, watching videos, playing games, etc. They also offer a $5 sign up bonus.


Online Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is the art of sifting through documents for errors, grammar, and punctuation. Proofreading is one of the most sought-after jobs to work from home which can give you an excellent income. If you want to learn this skill, then sign up for this free workshop to know more details about this work from home job.

These are some of the work from home proofreading companies to consider,


Scribendi – With Scribendi, you can apply for editor or proofreader jobs. The process is simple; you need to fill up your details and submit online.

ProofreadingPal – You need to have a graduate degree with a minimum of 5 years of experience as a proofreader to apply for this company. Just fill up the online application on their website.

ProofreadingServices.com – This company hires globally, and you need to take a 20-minute test to prove your proofreading skills. They hire both for part-time and full-time remote positions.


Voice Acting

If you are new to this term, then voice acting is the creative art of giving your voice to commercials, TV shows, cartoons, advertisements, etc. This is indeed one of the easy work from home jobs.

Some of the popular websites with voice over jobs,


Voices.com – This company is the first choice for many voice-over job seekers. You need to create an account online and find a suitable client.

Voice123 – This voice over marketplace accepts voice over artists from all over the world. Just create an online account with all your details and choose your projects from the pool.

Voicebunny – Though the account creation is easy with this company, they have a lot of tests to prove your voice talent. If you pass the tests, your account gets displayed to suitable clients.

Filmless – This is another company hiring for worldwide voice over jobs. The application process is simple; you need to register online on their website and choose your projects.


Focus Groups

If you want to earn money online, a little more than what surveys give you, then Focus groups are your thing.

Focus groups are a group of people selected by companies to provide a detailed opinion about a brand or a company.

Mindswarms – This is an online focus group where you have to share your opinions through video. You need to register online and wait for a suitable study invites. They pay around $50 per study.

Brand Institute – This market research company has many group studies like product research, medical surveys, etc. They are quite reliable and pay on time.

Field Work – This company offers focus group opportunities in many states in the US. They have many other options like in-house interviews, online research, product trials, etc. They pay around $50-$100 per study.

Respondent – This online market research company offers studies for worldwide users. They have both remote, and in person studies, so it’s quite flexible. You need to register with the right demographics and check studies on the dashboard.


Editing Jobs

Editing is another niche specific online job that requires you to have a particular set of skills. You need to go through drafts and make corrections related to word choices and grammar.

There are quite a lot of work-at-home companies that offer online editing jobs,


Scribbr – This company offers academic editing opportunities to work-at-home editors. The basic requirements for the role are bachelors degree and native-level proficiency in English. They also require prior experience in the field.

Enago – This freelance editing marketplace offers jobs worldwide. They hire in fields like arts, life sciences, medical and clinical sciences, etc. You can apply online, and once your resume gets accepted, you will go through a test to prove your editing skills.

Domainite – You do not need an editing degree or experience to work as an editor. Their hiring process includes applying online and taking an editing test.

Kibin – This is a freelance editing platform that hires editors from time to time. You can keep a tab on their ‘openings’ section to see if there are any roles currently available.


Tutoring Jobs hiring from Home

Online teaching jobs are abundant for people with good subject matter knowledge. Most of the companies require a relevant degree and experience in the subject you are teaching. This is a good choice if you are looking for part time work from home jobs.

Brainfuse – This online tutoring company hires tutors to teach various subjects. You need to apply online with your experience details, if selected you will hear back from them.

Cambly – With this company, you will be teaching the English language mostly. They hire worldwide, and they do not need any prior experience.

Tutorvista – This company needs a postgraduate degree to teach. They accept worldwide applicants and the teaching schedule is according to the US and UK timings.

Skooli – You need to have a bachelors degree and a teaching certification to apply for this company. You need to create your account with relevant details and indicate your availability.

Buddy school – This website offers tutoring positions based on the subjects you teach and the rating you get from the students. You have to create your profile, and if you are rated high, you get more teaching sessions.


ESL Teacher Jobs

ESL teaching (English as a Second Language) is becoming more in demand to teach students in countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, etc.

The basic requirement is to have a native level fluency in English. Some of the companies do require a formal qualification and teaching experience. For most of these teaching companies, you need to schedule a video interview as soon as you sign up.  These are the most flexible work from home jobs for moms.

Qkids – ESL teaching company that hires college students looking to earn an income teaching English online. The basic requirement is to have a bachelors degree and some teaching experience.

SayABC – A native English speaker with a bachelors degree and a minimum one year experience are the basic requirements to work for this company. They hire in the US, Canada, and Australia.

VIPKID – This company hires from the US and Canada. To teach English through this company, you need to have a bachelors degree along with one year of teaching experience or mentoring.

HAWO – This company offers online English teaching jobs to anyone in the US and Canada. Students who are presently studying can also apply. You need to have some experience in teaching; there are good bonuses and incentives if you are recruited.


Online Customer Service

Many work-at-home enthusiasts prefer online customer service jobs. Having some prior experience and a pleasant demeanor is helpful to land these jobs. A good choice if you are looking for part time jobs from home.

Service800 – This company hires customer service reps for interviewing customers online. Excellent telephone skills, prior customer service experience, and native level English proficiency are a must for this role.

American Express – This famous company regularly hires for work-at-home call center agents and seasonal customer service roles. They usually recruit in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Liveworld – You will be working in customer service and marketing roles for this company. They need fluency in writing, reading and speaking for this role. They hire worldwide, and you need to take a test to demonstrate your speaking and writing fluency.

Github – This company occasionally hires for customer service and email support jobs. They accept applicants from countries other than the US.

Arise – This company has work-at-home jobs in sales. They do occasionally hire for tech support roles as well. They recruit in the US, UK, and Canada.


Technical Assistance

There is a big spike in technical assistance related roles in work from home industry. The jobs are quite diverse and require tech experience.

It’s interesting to note that many new startup companies are hiring people who work from home for these kinds of roles.

Automattic – This well-known company hires for technical positions called ‘Happiness Engineer’ which is technical customer service. Good experience in WordPress and HTML are the requirements for this role.

Apple – Having a good product and technical knowledge is required to apply for this role. The position is called ‘At-Home Advisor’ and is only available in the US.

Zapier – This company regularly hires for ‘Customer Champion’ roles handling technical support. They hire worldwide and have a simple application process. Just answer some questions online, and you will hear back from them.


Medical Coding

A super specific job which you can do from home. Medical coding jobs mostly require a related healthcare degree and relevant experience.

Appropriate certification and training from AHIMA and AAPC are a must to become a work from home coder.

Aviacode – This company offers both part-time and full-time medical coding jobs for many health care providers, inpatients, and hospitals, etc.

Humana – The company deals with health insurance and offers medical coding jobs regularly. You can check if they have positions available on their website.

The Coding Network – You require a minimum of 3 years of experience as a medical coder to apply for this company. They hire only in the US.

iMedx – This company offers flexible positions for medical coders. You should have at least three years of coding experience to apply for this role.

Search Engine Evaluation

Probably the most flexible and an easy way to work from home is doing Search Engine Evaluation. In simple terms, it’s filtering the search engine results and rating them.

Lionbridge – This company hires for search engine evaluation related roles in many countries. You need to pass an evaluation test to land the job.

Appen – Another company hiring for search engine evaluation and social media evaluator roles. They recruit in many countries, and there are a series of tests to pass before you get hired. Read our Appen Butler Hill review here.

Leapforce – This company regularly hires for evaluation roles. Though they are not as diverse in recruiting as the above companies, they do hire in some countries other than the US.

ZeroChaos – This company hires for search engine evaluator roles occasionally. There is an evaluation test before you get hired.


Chat Agents

Chat agents jobs are the easiest and particularly suited for those looking for non-phone work from home jobs.  The first point of contact for any brand or company dealing with customers online.

SiteStaff – This company hires for online chat agents from time to time. You need to be able to type around 65 to 70 wpm and have the skill to multitask. Being bilingual is desired but not required.

Needle – As a ‘Needler’ you will be chatting with customers to answer questions about products. You need to apply online, once approved you can start working as a chat agent. You can earn points to spend on products along with pay.

The Chat Shop – This company hires online chat agents from the US and UK. A minimum typing speed of 65 wpm and the ability to work 20-40 hours are among other requirements.



Chat or forum moderation is the most common form of work at home jobs. As a moderator, you will be working on monitoring the forum and social media channels for companies.

Modsquad – This company actively hires moderators for digital channels like games, virtual chat, forums, email, etc. You need to fill up their online application and wait for them to respond.

ICUC – This is another company that hires experienced social media moderators. They accept global applicants, and it can help if you are bilingual.

Liveworld – With this company, you will be working primarily on social media channels. They have basic requirements of a bachelors degree with at least 1-2 years of online moderation experience.

The Social Element – This social media agency hires user-generated content moderators globally. You can submit your resume online on their website and look for the right project.


Design Jobs 

Online design or graphic design jobs are found mostly on niche specific freelance websites. If you are creatively inclined to find graphic design jobs, then these are the places to look for them.

Krop – This job site is exclusively for creative jobs like Design Strategists, Graphic designers, etc. You need to create a Krop Talent profile with your details on their website.

Smashing Jobs – This is a pretty popular website to find design roles. The positions range from full-time to freelance. Smashing jobs is an excellent place to look for design jobs.

Authentic Jobs – Another excellent job site to find remote or freelance design jobs. If you are mainly looking for work from home design jobs, then select ‘remote’ on the main page of their website.


Freelance Writing Jobs

Of all the ways to make money from home, freelance writing is the most profitable one. Though it might take some time to build your writing career, it is undoubtedly rewarding.

Below are some of the best job sites specific to finding freelance writing gigs,


Problogger.net – This job board is specifically for writers. You can find many blogging, editing and writing jobs hiring here. The jobs are authentic, and the job board is updated regularly.

FlexJobs – This is the MOST legitimate job board around especially for work from home jobs. I use it myself and find it extremely useful to find remote jobs. You can find many writing jobs around the world on this job board.

Bloggingpro – Another job board with many good freelance writing jobs getting posted every day.


Rideshare/Food delivery

These are the jobs that can give you good side income, and you can do them with a lot of flexibility in your own time. For all the ridesharing and food delivery jobs, there is a background check once you apply.

UberEats – This company hires drivers for delivering food not only in many states in the US but also in other countries. This part-time job is perfect for someone who is looking for a few hours of work a day. You can use a car, bike or scooter to do the deliveries.

Lyft Driver – This company hires rideshare drivers in many states in the US. You can do this gig with a lot of flexibility over the weekends, and when you complete your first 100 rides in a month as a Lyft driver, you earn a bonus of $300.

Doordash – This is one of the food delivery companies that employ drivers actively in many states. You need to have a smartphone to apply for this job.



If you are someone who loves working with numbers then bookkeeping jobs are great. Most of the bookkeeping jobs require you to have some experience in the field with a related degree. Learn how to become a bookkeeper here.

ClickAccounts – This company hires accountants and bookkeepers to work from home. You can send in your resume and cover letter to be considered.

Belay – This company hires bookkeepers along with the VA roles through their usual hiring process.

AccountingDepartment.com – Another website to be considered for bookkeeping jobs from home. Although they don’t hire regularly, it’s worth checking their site to see if there any positions available.

Data Entry

It is evident that most of the data entry jobs from home turn out to be scams. I have listed some legitimate data entry companies below that can give you a good income.

DionData – This company is very legitimate and hires for work from home data entry positions. You should have a minimum speed of 60 wpm.

Speakwrite – You need to have at least 1-year experience with a minimum speed of 60 wpm to apply for this company. They hire in the US and Canada.

Sigtrack – This company hires only in the US, and they occasionally hire work-at-home typists.


Virtual Assistant Jobs

Many legitimate work-from-home companies are hiring virtual assistants. Virtual Assistant jobs are showing an uptick in recent times and keep growing steadily.

Worldwide101 – They hire worldwide for VA roles in marketing, bookkeeping, admin work, etc.

Zirtual – This company hires only from the US, and you need to have a bachelors degree to apply. They need at least one year of administrative experience.

Time etc – You need a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience to apply. They only hire in the US.

Fancy Hands – They accept Virtual Assistants from the US. The tasks involve making appointments, data entry, admin work, etc.


Online Juror

As a mock juror, you will participate in mock trials where you get paid for giving your verdict. This is not a replacement for your full-time job but a good way to earn extra money.

eJury – An excellent website to start your first online juror side gig. You need to sign up, and cases get assigned according to your demographics.

Jury Talk – You need to sign up with all your details and cases will be offered according to your location details.

OnlineVerdict – After signing up with relevant details, you can check if you have an available case from the attorney in your location.



Captioning is a text version of what you see on video into words. As the growth in video content increases, there is a big demand for captioning jobs.

Rev – This company hires video captioners to work from home. There is a test before you get hired. Find out more about working for this company in this in-depth interview.

VITAC – Though this company has full-time positions, they can transition into remote work. They only hire in the US.

CaptionMax – You need a degree and a certification to work for this company. They hire in the US.



Test scoring is an excellent way to work from home. There are a good number of companies that offer test scoring jobs to be done from home.

ETS – You will be doing test scoring for educational institutions with this company. They only accept test scoring candidates from the US.

Pearson – Work from home as a test scorer through this company with a bachelors degree. They only accept test scoring candidates from the US.

WriteScore – You need to have a 2-year degree to work for this company. You will be grading essays for school students.


Work from Home Jobs giving Extra Income

These are some easy and legit online jobs that work best as extra cash options to make most of your downtime.

Job Spotter – Find help wanted signs and earn extra cash while you travel.

Music Listener – Hear music and rate it to earn money through Slicethepie.

Wonder Researcher – Answer questions from users to earn money as a Wonder researcher.

Website Tester – Navigate around the website to test the functionality of sites like User testing, Whatusersdo, and Loop11.

MTurk – Do multiple small tasks to earn extra income through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Online Stylist– Work from home as an online stylist through StitchFix.

Book Reviewer – Read and review books to earn money on the side with Online Book ClubKirkus MediaAny Subject Books.

Babysit – Take care of children to earn money in your free time with Sittercity.

There are so many offers to choose from,

if you undecided then go with the one that you are passionate about.

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Get Paid To | A Work From Home Offer

Whatever you do, Get Paid To

 Joining Get Paid To is completely free of charge and we will never deduct any fees from your earnings.

The site is open for all to join with the exception of minors under the age of 16.

Once you have successfully completed an offer, the points earned will usually show in your account immediately.

Although depending on the type of task you completed this can take up to 48 hours.

This is typically 28 days from the purchase date but can be longer for purchases requiring a certain time period to elapse.

Such as a ‘cooling-off’ period for contracts, or travel to have occurred for flights and hotels.

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