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So you have started your blog. And you have heard or maybe even read somewhere you can make money blogging. And you want to give it a try. Well, you’re in the right place. In this post, I tell you how you can make money blogging just like I do.

If you haven’t started your blog yet. Check out this post on how to start a blog on a budget.

I have been blogging for about five years. I use to blog about celebrity gossip. I started this blog because I wanted to help others and help my self.

I am learning and sharing what I learn with you so you can make money online also.

And if you put in the hard work you can quit the 9-5 and spend more time with my family & start building a lifestyle you are happy with.

I made a lot of mistakes when I first started blogging. But once I knew what I was doing, it was uphill from there.

Never Give Up

Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

People all way say find a profitable niche. And this is true, but you must also blog about something that interests you, or something your passionate about. Otherwise, you will get bored and move on to the next thing.

So ask yourself, what are you passionate about?

What are you Interested in?

You could learn the niche your interested in and then blog about.

Learn while your blogging.

Or you could be great at a certain thing, and blog about it.

Get you a pen and a notebook and write down a few ideas.

Run them across your friends.

Ask for suggestions from your Facebook friends.

Then pick one Niche and create a post on it.

So What Will You Need to Make Money Blogging

  1. A Blog
  2. Create Great Content
  3. Build Up Your Audience — I use Pinterest See this post on how to make money with Pinterest and your blog.

Promote your blog

No matter how great your articles are no one is going to know about them unless you take time to promote your blog.

Check Out This E-Book On growing your blog traffic.

I use Pinterest like I said before, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups and Pinterest will be your best friend when blogging.

Here is another blog post about using Pinterest.

Here is A E-Book To Help You With Growing Your Pinterest Following



I know when people see SEO, the get a small headache.

However, after learning SEO and what it is and what it does for your blog, you will feel a little better about SEO.

Don’t get me wrong me and SEO hat a love-hate relationship, but after I started understanding SEO then it was a piece of cake.

Here is a post to help you wrap your head around SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a beast at monetizing your blog.

Here are a few E-Books To Help You Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Bundle

Affiliate Programs Masterlist

Free Affiliate Course + Funnel

If you really have no clue where to start with Affiliate Marketing I suggest reading these e-books.



Cost per click advertising (CPC) are ads that can be displayed on your website that you will be paid for every time someone clicks them.

If your blog brings in high traffic levels then displaying Google adverts can be a quick and easy way to make steady revenue. If your blog is good at keeping your users on the pages then these types of ads can work well for driving high conversions, especially with in-post ads.

The big advantage of using a Google Adsense is that it takes just minutes to set up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to implement it within your blog.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is one way in which to make money from advertisers. With this type of arrangement, you may be asked to publish a post that is provided by the advertiser or they may ask you to write a post that mentions them or their product – depending on your following you can expect to receive between $50 and $500 for a sponsored article.

eBooks & online Training Courses

As I mentioned earlier if you looking at offering consulting or training services then it might be worth packaging your materials together into an online course. By offering MP3 or video downloads your students can follow along at their own pace. This is a very popular blog monetization strategy, especially within the online marketing space.

I recommend these E-Books On E-Books.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp Course

Write That Ebook FREE Workshop Series

I hope this post helps you with your journey as a blogger.

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Make Money Online By Giving Away Rebates

Rebate Key

Make Money Online By Giving Away Rebates

Rebate Key gives you direct access to exclusive manufacturers’ rebates for top-selling brands and products.

This means you purchase an item and after a 35-day wait,

you get a check mailed to your house for whatever you paid for the item in the first place.

After you’ve purchased the product you need to report back with your REBATE KEY,

which is your order number.

Once the seller verifies your order,

they will approve the rebate and your rebate amount will be credited to your account (shows on Wallet).

We hold the funds for 35 days to make sure there is no error or problem,

and after that, we will send you a check.

Basically, the only thing you have to do is find great offers,

buy and report your purchase in less than an hour and you’ll get your money back after 35-days.

Here is a video on the signup process and how to get started.

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2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019



2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019

In this one, There are 2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019.

All of these websites can be used worldwide, too.


Here are the 2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019



Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.

So, if you have a talent, you can share that talent with Fiverr buyer community and make money while you are at it.

Fiverr has a place for you, Whether you are you will need to create your seller profile.

Your profile is how you present yourself to the community.

Your Gig is the service that you sell on Fiverr.

Packages are a way for you to offer three different compelling bundles to sell on your Gig Page.

Here is A Video Example Of Using Fiverr Below

Here is an example of the videos I use on Fiverr to let people know that I offer a service of building websites.

You can sign up For Fiverr and Get Started Today. 


Up Work

It is just Like Fiverr, Again if you are a graphic designer, programmer, content writer, translator, or voice-over artist.

On Upwork, you run your own business and choose your own clients and projects.

Up works sophisticated algorithms highlight projects you’re a great fit for.

All projects include Upwork Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed through the freelancing website.

Here Is A Video Below on how to set up an Up Work Account.


There are so many ways that you can make money online, stay tuned to Job Kartel. for more easy ways to make real money online.