Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes?…| Flip ME

Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes

Can YOU Spare 5 Minutes?…

Flip Me | The first Complete Copy and Paste Formula

Making Money in Hours: With Almost ‘0’ Work Is a Fact…

  1. Copy this listing from here […]
  2. & then Paste it here […] for 4x the price… You keep the profit every time

Unique – Unusual… and 100% replicable! Simply Rinse, Repeat & Scale

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YOU CAN NOW MAKE $100s a Week from someone else’s product which you never have to touch, stock or ship… … and it’s all totally legal.

Changes to this platform mean you can find certain types of products and re-advertise free for 4x the price.


This little known platform has remained a closely guarded secret for almost a decade. Advertise other people’s products.

Make 100-400% profit on each Flip by simply Copying from one platform and advertising on another.

Zero risks… You sell at a higher price before purchasing at the lower price from your profit. You don’t even need to ship… it’s all done for you!

  • Inspired Step by Step Training
  • Peer to Peer Arbitrage through 2 platforms
  • Evergreen, Popular and trending product focus
  • 5 Minute Copy and Paste Flip process
  • You never touch the products…
  • Built-in platform traffic & buyers
  • 200 – 400% Profit markup by simply re-advertising on this platform
  • Scalable without cost

Proven and Tested High-Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

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Why You Should Promote FLIPPme?

Proven and Tested High-Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

#1. Products convert… actually, they convert in eye-watering numbers. With Multiple POTD & WSOs awards… We’ve even achieved POTD 3 times on one product!

#2. With an average conversion percentage of over 25%, it makes sense to test our offers with your subscribers. After all – you want the best EPCs and conversions possible don’t you.

#3. Talking of EPCs: The last time we did this we crossed and stuck to an $8 EPC… So for every 100 clicks, you sent; you made $800 profit, pretty good right?… Well, this time we’re almost giving the FE product away but with our Ultra solid funnel, you’ll still walk away with massive EPCs!

#4. Killer copy… Design… Layout… Graphics and VSLs ensure our offers are irresistible (statistics don’t lie)… and even though we’re rolling out a remarkably cheap FE product we’re not skimping on quality at any point!… Have you seen the Sale Page? – Click Here to View the Preview 

Great Products – Easy to Sell – Huge Numbers– Solid Reciprocation… That’s why you should consider getting started today! Click Here For More Information

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Job Kartel

2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019



2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019

In this one, There are 2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019.

All of these websites can be used worldwide, too.


Here are the 2 REAL Websites to Make Money Online in 2019



Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.

So, if you have a talent, you can share that talent with Fiverr buyer community and make money while you are at it.

Fiverr has a place for you, Whether you are you will need to create your seller profile.

Your profile is how you present yourself to the community.

Your Gig is the service that you sell on Fiverr.

Packages are a way for you to offer three different compelling bundles to sell on your Gig Page.

Here is A Video Example Of Using Fiverr Below

Here is an example of the videos I use on Fiverr to let people know that I offer a service of building websites.

You can sign up For Fiverr and Get Started Today. 


Up Work

It is just Like Fiverr, Again if you are a graphic designer, programmer, content writer, translator, or voice-over artist.

On Upwork, you run your own business and choose your own clients and projects.

Up works sophisticated algorithms highlight projects you’re a great fit for.

All projects include Upwork Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed through the freelancing website.

Here Is A Video Below on how to set up an Up Work Account.


There are so many ways that you can make money online, stay tuned to Job Kartel. for more easy ways to make real money online.